Common Lawn Alternatives

V1 Staff

Keep the look of green plantlife without worrying about cutting (you do need an edge barrier, though). There’s several varieties (some colorful, some edible!), from herbs and vines to shrubs and mosses.

It’s cheap, stays green, and needs little water or mowing and no chemicals. 

Ornamental and native grasses
They’re low maintenance, rarely need fertilizers, but can make your lawn look overgrown.

Developed in the 80s by the Colorado Water Department, this maximizes rainfall and minimizes use of groundwater. It’s involved, but once established you’ll see why it’s growing.

No-Mow Lawn Mix
There’s mixed reports of this blend of low-growing fescue that you can purchase from garden centers.

Beds A-Plenty
You can always reduce the size of your lawn by putting in beds for flowers, vegetables, and bushes.

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