Road Tripin' Local Mix Tape

here're Volume One's picks, by no means complete ...

  • The Sea Change by Meridene
  • Rumor Mill by Gentle Guest
  • Island, IS by Volcano Choir
  • Free Weezee by The Jaggernauts
  • Fiasco A Go-Go by Jim Pullman Band
  • Death and the Beach by Digitata
  • Go Barefoot by Magic Mama
  • Clouds by Daredevil Christopher Wright
  • Her Alone by Dead Dogs
  • What God Hath Wrought by Laarks
  • The Fade by Megafaun
  • Higher by The Excellent Adventure
  • Break It Out by Echo Bravo
  • Springtime Bright by EverGreen Grass Band
  • Blatz Sabbath by Drunk Drivers
  • Show Me the Numbers by Brian Bethke
  • Inauguration Day by Mages
  • Place to Be by QuinnElizabeth
  • Raise Your Hands by Irie Sol
  • Trees by Day Old Bread
  • Sour Patch Kids by Cadence
  • Con A Sewer Cat by Amateur Love


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