Attracting and Retaining Talent

companies are getting creative in trying to find and keep the right people for the job

V1 Staff

The recent dip in the economic climate has created a much larger pool of people looking for work. And any company that has advertised openings in the past few years can attest to the spike in applicants (though the number of qualified people remained about the same).
Well as we begin to emerge from the economic recession, experts in the employment service industry are predicting for another spike – the number of people quitting. So businesses and companies looking to retain and attract talented employees are taking measures to strengthen their brand and appeal.

A recent survey done by Manpower and Right Management* found that 60 percent of employees plan to leave their jobs and an additional 25 percent are updating their resumés. What they suggest is to become prepared for the turnover by thinking like your employees, discovering what’s important to them, and being creative in meeting their needs.

In a general and long-run sense, this means companies must examine their brand and workplace environment. From a hopeful employee’s perspective, a business’ brand gives them a sense of what it is like to work there before they ever do. This deals with everything from workplace aesthetic and perks to the philosophy and kinds of people working there.

This turnover obviously also means some employees will be leaving because of family or significant others, and not because they don’t like their current job. Well companies are increasingly embracing virtual work arrangements as technology continues to advance and allow for it. Not being restricted by geographic and building boundaries in some cases has even contributed to growth (a wider network and more resource options).

For the employers not worried about retaining talent, and instead want to recruit new talent, some are coordinating their efforts with a workforce evaluation. If you have some employees that might not fit the bill, now’s the time to think about a change or readjustment.

* They surveyed 39,000 employers in 33 countries

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