A CHANGE IN SCENERY. The Sculpture Tour Eau Claire is getting even bigger this year.

Last year, Sculpture Tour Eau Claire put up 55 total sculptures, but this year there will be a total of 82. Why the change? Because Visit Eau Claire has taken over the program, which has allowed it to become sustainable, says Julie Pangallo, public arts and events support manager at Visit Eau Claire.

Visit Eau Claire and the many sponsors are why all 82 sculptures – many new, some permanent fixtures – will be in place around the city by around the Fourth of July this year, and why this is the second-largest tour of its kind in the nation.

Pangallo explained that the Sculpture Tour is vital to art programs all over the state since Eau Claire’s tourism has been moving upward in the last few years. Wisconsin is ranked No. 47 for government spending on arts programs, according to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. By comparison, Minnesota ranks No. 2.

Visit Eau Claire is hoping this program can help change that. Eau Claire is a thriving art hub that ideally can inspire other cities in Wisconsin do the same things.

To learn more about the Sculpture Tour and see the map, go to visiteauclaire.com/sculpture-tour.