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In It Together

couple’s book of devotionals aimed at stronger marriages

Lindsey Quinnies

When you meet Matt and Suzie Kendziera, you can instantly sense that they share a genuinely unique connection. After 19 years of marriage, the Eau Claire pair are still as excited to share their lives together ...

2016 Concert Series

here in the Valley, we like our tunes outside

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Life in the north isn’t for the faint of heart. We endure lengthy winters, and our summer skies are short-lived. Our northern lifestyle looks like toughness, but it’s not just being tough. We believe hard work leads to good times ...

Cool Aire: New UWEC Music Fest Features Top Local Acts

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Luong Huynh

Post-Eaux Claires Eau Claire is a pretty cool place to be a part of. We’re intoxicated by the notion that our city has an incredible musical influence and a pretty impressive local lineup. It’s exactly that idea that inspired and drove the much-anticipated Local Aire Festival to be created ...

Celebrating Summer

when the weather warms up in the Chippewa Valley, outdoor music series proliferate with thousands of fans

Lindsey Quinnies

Life in the north isn’t for the faint of heart. We endure lengthy winters and our summer skies are short-lived. Our northern lifestyle looks like toughness, but it’s not just being tough. We believe hard work leads to good times. Perhaps that’s why when the weather is beautiful, it’s truly beautiful to us here …

Join Us! Wisconsin Bike Week 2015

Lindsey Quinnies

This year, the Wisconsin Bike Fed switched it up a bit in regards to their routine event schedule. Their annual Bike to Work Week, usually held in mid-May, has transformed into "Wisconsin Bike Week" taking place from June 6–13 to celebrate all things cycling statewide ...

Historical Harvest

EC native’s novel inspired by orphaned ancestor’s life

Lindsey Quinnies

About a year and a half ago, Eau Claire native turned Floridian Steve Turk released a gripping historical thriller, Solomon’s Executioner, with great success. This past October, he released a new novel with a different, uplifting tone ...

Three of Hearts

fluke voicemail leads to formation of indie rock trio

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Heart of the Heart, or HOT H, is a true reaction of the eclectic, ongoing, and mutually integrated music scene that has come to be tradition in Eau Claire ...

You've Got the Look

celeb makeup guru wants to make you beautiful, darling

Lindsey Quinnies

Celebrity makeup artist Brian Hauger, who has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Betty White, will bring his expertise to Eau Claire for the Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Event June 8 at the Metropolis Resort. The afternoon begins with ...

Sweet Memories

Eau Claire author and designer’s kiddie cocktail book mixes retro style with a splash of childhood fun

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Serena Wagner

Eight ounces of ginger ale, half an ounce of grenadine, and a maraschino cherry – Shirley Temples have been the standard, beloved, and lone kiddie cocktail for many of us over the years. However, as demonstrated in the new book Kiddie Cocktails ...

It's Pho Real

Noodle Teahouse aims for real Vietnamese flavor

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Nguyen family at Noodle Teahouse takes absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to offering truly authentic, well-prepared Vietnamese cuisine to its customers. From the conscientious readying of the pho, the true pride of the restaurant ...

Art, Work, & Artwork

longtime graphic designers collaborate on exhibit

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

John Qualheim and Paul Cyr have lived in the Chippewa Valley their whole lives: John is a self-declared townie and North High School/UW-Eau Claire graduate while Paul was born and raised in Chippewa Falls and relocated to Eau Claire in 1982 ...

Thrown Together

EC-produced kubb film follows journey to championship

Lindsey Quinnies

The U.S. National Kubb Tournament has called Eau Claire home since 2008, and the community has really embraced the Nordic lawn game as a proud aspect of our culture. Certain enthusiastic community members have played a major role ...

All the Dirt!

the story of Wissota dirt track racing is being told from right here in the Chippewa Valley

Lindsey Quinnies

About 20 years ago, before email and electronic delivery, out of a basement in Hillsboro, Wis., came the first issue of All the Dirt! Racing News. Although it started as a series of free handout “point sheets” and small news reports ...

Ready for a Big Break

duo brings Ultimate Frisbee passion to screen with web series

Lindsey Quinnies

Back in June, we shared a short story about two locals, UW-Eau Claire student Chris Schasse and his friend and UWEC alum, James Wagner, who were taking off to spend their summer vacation traveling the western U.S. filming a ...

Yuletide Yuks

Honeytree gang has stories and songs for the season

Lindsey Quinnies

About 10 years ago, sparked mostly by Suzie Kendziera’s childhood love of Christmas rolled over to adulthood, she and her husband, Matt, began performing Christmas shows that included a musical element highlighting renditions of Christmas ...

Tale of Wood and Water

northwoods experiences key to writer’s latest novel

Lindsey Quinnies

A few short years ago, Peter Hubin was submitting stories to The Country Today newspaper and writing for the History of Washburn County and the Washburn County Historical Society ...

Passing Down the Past

Menomonie authors’ new book encourages passing down family stories

Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Tim Mather

At 9pm on a Sunday, Dick Edwards received a call from his grandson in Iowa. He had a report due the next morning and one request for his grandpa: “Tell me about your life.” ...

Some Boo-Riffic Reads

hunt down the spookiest stories and most terrifying tales Wisconsin has to offer

Lindsey Quinnies

Chilling tales of murder, suicide, and untimely death brought to you by one of the Midwest’s most famous paranormal experts. Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on ...

Chasing Death

Eau Claire native’s novel follows the search for a Nazi-hunting killer

Lindsey Quinnies

So far, the reviews for Eau Claire native Steven Turk’s new mystery crime novel, Solomon’s Executioner, have included phrases like “first rate thriller” and “a damn good read.” ...

Bad, Bad Lies

latest UWEC Players show taps local scribe

Lindsey Quinnies

The UWEC Players are a theater group that provides a unique platform for theater performances because every aspect of a production – from the script to the directing to tech to design ...