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[Photos] A NIGHT OUT: Crossing the Bridge Event

the special night-on-the-town event featured arts of all kinds spread throughout downtown Eau Claire

photos by Grace Cremeens |

As part of the University of Eau Claire-Wisconsin's hosting of this year's NCUR conference, all participants were invited to a night of music, art, and Downtown E.C. culture through the Crossing the Bridge event. Held on Friday, April 14 from 5-10pm, the evening was loaded with live local and regional music – including Them Coulee Boys, Uncommon Denominator, Jerrika Mighelle, and more – as well as live comedy, visual art, and more, at local joints like Acoustic Café, The Dive, and others. The free-to-enjoy evening of music and arts was, of course, also enjoyed by locals. 

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