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[PHOTOS] What’s Your Love Story? C.V. Writers Guild Shares Stories of Hope, From the Heart

Sound & Stories presented ‘Love in the Time of COVID-19,’ featuring local storytellers, musicians at the Pablo Center on Feb. 10

photos by Luong Huynh |

SPREAD LOVE, NOT COVID-19. On Feb. 10, the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild joined forces with local musicians for an evening of reflection, mourning, and celebration at the Pablo Center as part of the guild's Sound & Stories series, titled “Love in the Time of COVID-19,” presented by guild director B.J. Hollars and producer Jonathan Rylander. 

Storytellers Karly Grice, Rebecca Mennecke, Cait McGarvey, and Katie Venit shared their experiences with the pitfalls of pandemic dating, how sappy love songs can transform into a love for life, planning for a future with your partner while planning for the future is nearly impossible, and the kind of community strength that comes with kindness, support, and love amid tough times. Hearts were touched, tears were shed. Above all, love was in the air. 

Local musicians Derick Black, Soren Staff, Parker Reed, and Cait McGarvey provided heartfelt music interspersed between stories. “We want to reinforce how amid the hopelessness, we found hope,” said B.J. Hollars, founder and director of the writers guild, “and amid the heartbreak, we still found love.” 

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Here's a glimpse of the creatives in action: 

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