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[PHOTOS] Midwest Artist Academy Hosts Drumming Workshop, Highlighting Vibrancy Of Korean Culture

high school students experienced countless opportunities to explore creative arts this week as part of inaugural arts academy

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Brooke Jee-in Newmaster – a local artist – lead a Korean drumming workshop as part of the inaugural Midwest Artist Academy at UW-Eau Claire on July 13. 

50 local artists learned more about the Korean culture and arts with 50 drums. The sound was incredible, to say the least. 

The artist academy, which takes place this week through July 18, is an exciting new pre-college experience for up to 50 creative young adults that provides “high-impact, inclusive, and transformative, arts-themed educational opportunities for gifted, talented, and diverse pre-college artists throughout the Midwest and beyond,” according to the academy’s website. 

“My primary motivation for founding the Midwest Artist Academy was to create a safe space where young artists in a variety of genres could come together to listen, learn, collaborate, and create alongside established artists,” said founder B.J. Hollars. “This experience strives to reinforce for students that art is no indulgence, but a necessary component of daily life. Art can be activism. Art can be empathy. And best of all, art can amplify.”   

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