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[PHOTOS] Showtime Wrestling Returns!

professional wrestling kicks off in Chippewa Falls

photos by Michael Bartsch |

This past Saturday, May 22, Showtime Pro Wrestling and Kramerica Entertainment presented Showtime Returns!, featuring Kyle Pro, Joey Avalon, "The Renaissance" Ricky Noren, TW3, "Stonehenge" Joseph Wayne, "Ghetto Gear Solid" Kaz Karter & Ruff Rider Rashaan, Aaron Sacrifice, and "Tennessee Rebel" John McClintock, and more. 


  • TW3 defeated "Renaissance" Ricky Noren
  • "One Tough Kid" Aaron Sacrifice & "The Tennessean" John McClintock defeated "X" & Gunner Wixx
  • "Stonehenge" Joseph Wayne defeated "Rampage" Santana. After the match "Stonehenge" continued attacking "Rampage" until Devlin Kain came to his defense.
  • Rayvin Raddix defeated Badger Briggs
  • "Downtown" Petey Brown defeated Kyle Pro
  • "Ghetto Gear Solid" Kaz Karter & Ruff Ryder Rashaan defeated "Northern Force" Paul & Vernon Reed
  • "Dad Bod God" Nathan Sensation defeated "Big Cat" Bill Williams

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