Once again, Volume One partnered with UW-Eau Claire to present Chalkfest on UWEC's beautiful campus mall – on Saturday, July 29 – with over 150 local and regional artists chalking up the college's various sidewalks. The artists worked all day long as thousands of onlookers meandered by to watch the work in progress. The day included fun "chalk off" competitions and live music.

This gallery shows the winner and honorable mention for each category ...

Adult Individual (Jury)
1st: Olivia Bautch
HM: Joseph Kinstler

Adult Group (Jury)
1st: Erica Rogers & Co.
HM: Ann Wrosek-Manner & Co.

Youth Individual (Jury)
1st: Krystyna Eiden
HM: Bobbie Schreiber

Youth Group  (Jury)
1st: Kayla Gerczak & Co.
HM: Alyssa Larson & Co.

Audience Choice
1st: Kim Vaughter & Angela Clark
HM: Peter Davidson

➜ Scroll down for a gallery of this year's entries and another with shots of the big day. 

Adult Individual (Jury) - Honorable Mention: Joseph Kinstler
Adult Group (Jury) - 1st: Erica Rogers & Co.
Adult Group (Jury) - Honorable Mention: Ann Wrosek-Manner & Co.
Youth Individual (Jury) - 1st: Krystyna Eiden
Youth Individual (Jury) - Honorable Mention: Bobbie Schreiber
Youth Group (Jury) - 1st: Kayla Gerczak & Co.
Youth Group (Jury) - Honorable Mention: Alyssa Larson & Co.
Audience Choice - 1st: Kim Vaughter & Angela Clark
Audience Choice - Honorable Mention: Peter Davidson
Adult Individual (Jury) - 1st: Olivia Bautch

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