On Board with the Bicycle Bus

Michelle Enger |

Man, the Dutch love bikes.
Man, the Dutch love bikes.

The Dutch have done it again! First I heard about the Repair Café concept in Amsterdam, and now I hear the Netherlands has come up with another innovative way to go green – and this time it's the children who get to participate.

(Dutch) children can now power their own bus when they are traveling to and from school. Dutchman Thomas Tolkamp came up with the idea, and with the help of Dinand Veerbeek, the idea came to life.

The eco-friendly bike bus sold by De Caferacer has room for 10 children and one adult driver. The seats are designed so that eight children can pedal. The bus even has a backup motor in case the children get too tired or they have trouble getting up a hill. Or they're too busy playing with their cootie catchers.

The bicycle bus can zoom up to 10 miles per hour (weeeeeee!) and has a cover in case it rains. It gives children the chance to be active and be part of the biking community.