RetroPost: Big Idea

Nick Meyer |

If you were reading back in early 2007, you may remember this concept ...

Here's a thought I had. The views from the front doors of Eau Claire's public library, the State Theatre, and the Stones Throw (and right around the corner our city hall) all feature a gorgeous, breathtaking look at a giant, four story, grey concrete wall – our beloved and seemingly underused downtown parking ramp. Why not use this space to promote downtown Eau Claire? Downtown's busiest street (Farwell) runs right by here, and hundreds if not thousands of motorists – not to mention library and State Theatre patrons – would take in the message every day. Especially ones stuck at the stop light.

Check out this view. And this one.

The images in the mockup above – the farmers market, a night outside the State, the summer concert series, and a live band shot – were all randomly selected. Many different images could be appropriate. (Note: the wording, color, and text style of the headline across the top were just thrown on there.)

The cost of this kind of installation? Don't know. Would jazzing up this particular intersection to promote downtown's image (or anything else for that matter) be a good idea ... or would it make for an even uglier monstrosity and cost too much to install and keep nice? What would you do differently? What sorts of images would you include and what slogans would you propose?

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