Show Review: Metal Night at the Mousetrap

Andrew Patrie |

Last Saturday saw a concert of truly mythic proportions go down at the Mousetrap. No, this isn’t hyperbole. The efforts of Skin Prints and (what I hope will be) their inaugural Metal Night at the Mousetrap were downright Herculean. For Hercules’ fifth labor, he diverted two rivers through King Augeas’ stables. These stables hadn’t been cleaned in decades and he did it in a single day. I can’t think of a more fitting metaphor for the countless hippies driven in screaming droves from the Mousetrap bar stools to their bike lanes and leaf composts as the first blackened sound waves roiled forth. Flags Will Cover The Coffins opened the evening for Desolatevoid. Both bands ripped. There wasn’t a single “jam” as most songs were over in a matter of minutes. Our hearts warmed by whiskey, we raised the horns on brave new soil. Hails to the Mousetrap for taking such a “risk.” Hails to Jenn for her pioneering spirit (keep the shows comin’). Hails to the bands and the fans who made the night historic and memorable.

Photo: Desolatevoid