This is JJ.

2WeelHero  |

This is JJ. He’s on a corner in downtown Eau Claire because he just got out of the public defender’s office (Friday, 12/19), after being arrested for disorderly conduct at the Old Country Buffet up on Clairemont. Before the incident, he’d been “flying sign” on the Hastings Way off ramp. He admits to arguing and swearing a lot with the manager after he asked the cashier there for a lighter (he was originally intending to eat there). He believes that you can’t get arrested for just swearing because such a disorderly conduct law is in violation of the Constitution. He rattled off enough article numbers and Bill of Rights references to make me embarrassed for not knowing more about our own laws. He also said that the manager swore as much has he did, and should be treated equally.

He has to come back to town in a few weeks and go to court. I don’t know if he’s right abut the law and I don’t know exactly what happened at the Old Country Buffet, but JJ is a very earnest guy. He’s got really wintry blue eyes. And as you can tell by his sign, he’s got a kick-ass sense of humor.