Local Presidential Campaigns Taken to Actual Streets

Nick Meyer |

A whole new political fight has busted out in downtown Eau Claire. We’ve all seen the TV commercials, the yard signs, and the bumper stickers – but the latest weapon in the arsenal of the local political foot soldier? Stencil art. This form of subversive (and illegal) political advertising isn’t necessarily new to Eau Claire, but this is the first I’ve seen it this go around. This one was spotted just outside the Acoustic Café – but as with all stencil art, if there’s one there’s bound to be several more nearby. As can often be the case with stencils like these – it’s dark in its imagery and message. The stencil, sprayed on with black paint, shows John McCain above the words: “Don’t believe the lies.” 

Though I’m sure it’s a pain-in-the-ass for property owners and city workers, personally, I love this stuff. Anytime I spot some street art in this town I love it whether its temporary paste-up posters, spray stencils, or even simple stickers. But to be clear, I’m talking about the art stuff, the smart stuff, not the idiot-tags all over town (though I’ll admit it can be a fine line and that the whole issue is pretty delicate). The good stuff feels like a pedestrian’s reward for walking down the street rather than driving. And if it has some political or social punch, all the better. All those cars can keep their massive billboards, I’ll take some subtle street advertising any day.