Local Boys Get Pitchfork Praise

Nick Meyer |

Music mega-site Pitchfork sure loves them our Chippewa Valley exports. On Tuesday, the often-critical opinion maker posted a rather impressive review of Megafaun’s new effort: Bury the Square. Megafaun, currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, is made up of longtime Chippewa Valley music scenesters Phil Cook, Brad Cook and Joe Westerlund –known around these parts as 75% of the former local supergroup DeYarmond Edison (the other 25% appeared on Conan earlier this week). Making a serious name for themselves in their own right with a brand of banjo-based hootin’, hollerin’, and harmonizin’ art-folk, Megafaun has been managing to grab the attention of blogs like Pitchfork (known as a tough one to crack) for some time now. The band will appear later this month with our own Daredevil Christopher Wright at the Mabel Tainter in Menomonie. Details here.

Megafaun’s myspace is here, and you can buy Bury the Square here.