Our Big New Website

Mike Paulus |

Howdy. So ... things are looking different around here at VolumeOne.org. Just go ahead – stand back and take in all the webbie goodness. It may take a while, so hold your calls, grab some coffee, grab some friends, prepare a light (nutritional) snack (almonds?), and just dig in. If you’re not such a free sprit, and you’re unable to romp around the site pell-mell, allow us to point you in a few directions …

  • Blogs and Podcasts - These are from mostly non-V1 people we’ve partnered with to create special web-only content (and there’s more on the way).
  • V1 Dashboard – Check out the super-easy sign-up for a V1 Dashboard account which lets you (and only you) track your own comments, event reminders, restaurant reviews, photo/video uploads and more.
  • Dining Guide – Now our Eat Scene dining guide is online! You can search for restaurants, leave reviews and star ratings, peruse menus, and more.
  • Submit Event – If you host or promote events, checkout the turbo-charged event form.
  • Videos - We’ve already got a ton of Chippewa Valley videos up.
  • Community Pool blog – As if comments, restaurant reviews, and event reviews weren’t enough, now you can add your own blog posts about pretty much anything.

And that's just for starters. We’re still working out some last minute kinks, and we’ll be adding more content and features everyday, so keep poking around. We designed every part of this site with you guys in mind. Let us know what you think.

P.S. Perhaps you'd like an audio tour.