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The Rear End

Puddles and Ships

He picks out a few good peanut shells before I throw the pile into the trash. Five or six large ones without cracks or holes. He wants the seaworthy peanut shells ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | April 3, 2019

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Lorrinda Benavides

“What inspired this drawing is an old flame. Although we weren’t as odd as this couple dancing, we certainly came from different worlds. He played in a band and the only song ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | April 3, 2019

THIS PERFORMANCE IS BLOWING UP. Staged in the RCU Theatre at the Pablo Center at the Confluence on Wednesday, March 27, Air Play was a modern spectacle that brought the very air we breathe to life with flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, and a massive snow globe.

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Neighbors Divided by Outrage

who really benefits when each news story splits us into two arguing camps?

Why is it that every news story is prepackaged with an assigned category of outrage? You don’t read about a notable advertisement from Gillette, you read about how a notable advertisement from Gillette ...

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The Riverfront Blues

Riverfront Park will host the Northwoods Blues Festival

Beautiful views, mouthwatering food, and nationally-acclaimed blues will hit the new Riverfront Park in Chippewa Falls this summer. The Northwoods Blues Festival will be back in Chippewa Falls ...

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Massive Music

Menomonie Singers take on Handel’s masterpiece

Hallelujah! It’s polyphonic, it’s melismatic, it’s jubilant and ecstatic: It’s Handel’s Messiah. The Menomonie Singers are in the final stretch of preparation for their spring concerts, during ...

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‘If God Created Monsters, He Also Created Heroes’

research conducted at UWEC informs off-Broadway play

Jos akys ryškios, pilnos šviesos. Translated to mean “Her eyes are bright, full of light,” these are the words of 19-year old Lithuanian poet, Matilda Olkin, who was executed by Lithuanian Nazi collaborators in 1941 ...

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Step Into Matt’s House

local podcast goes in-depth with ... locals

The title of a new locally-produced podcast – Matt’s House – sort of implies that it takes place at a house where a guy named Matt lives. I mean, the guy’s name is Matt Hasenmueller, but there’s actually no house to speak of ...

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Visual Art

Pathways to Art

local artists find their way to ArtsWest 40 exhibition

One set off to be a nurse; one was a sociology professor; and one found art to be the truest expression of her life. Whether art became a part of their lives at first breath or whether it found them later ...

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Spring Culture

Heyde Center hosts art of all kinds in annual show

More than 100 artists – professional, student, and rising artists – will showcase their work at the 55th Annual Spring Art Show April 7- 19 in the galleries of the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls ...

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Local Lit


My neighbors did the logical thing: rolled out the chicken wire, planted the stakes, and transformed their garden into a fortress. Sun and rain still had access, though no longer the rabbits, or the raccoons ...

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Willing to Collaborate

creatives open downtown co-working space for other creatives

Eau Claire is growing into becoming one of the cultural centers of the region, but collaboration is key to the area’s success, two new business owners say ...

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Local Look

A More Neighborly Way

Pinehurst residents organize neighborhood association

Pa Thao, a longtime resident of the Pinehurst neighborhood on Eau Claire’s northeast side, noticed last summer that people were more likely to know their neighbors’ dogs’ names than the names ...

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Downtown Crowns

The District, SHIFT, Pablo among 2019’s Downtowny winners

More than 1,000 votes were cast by members of the community to determine the victors in five categories of the Downtowny Awards, ranging from Best Business to Best Renovation. The awards ...

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Frantic, Phonetic Fun

exercise word building muscles at the Scrabble Bee

Scrabble doesn’t have to be a quiet, deliberate game played on a coffee table or a smartphone app: At Literacy Chippewa Valley’s annual Scrabble Bee, it’s a fast-paced, team-oriented – and above all, fun – game ...

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Food / Drink

Cracking the (Area) Code

715 Supper Club revives a west side EC hot spot

A new dining option is opening where the Local Lounge and Varsity Club used to be on Eau Claire’s west side, and unlike its predecessor, it’s not going to be a sports bar. The soon-to-open 715 Supper Club ...

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Kid Culture

Fun Fun Family Times

third Family Fun Fest is free outing for the whole crew

The Chippewa Valley Child Advocacy Center, the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department, and the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services are partnering to present the third ...

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Time to Saddle Up

Northern Light Cowboys ready for Carson Park action

Since the mid-2000s, organized warm-weather adult football has had a presence in the Eau Claire metropolitan area. The Chippewa Valley Predators had been around for over a decade, and were ...

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Here’s the Pitch

local aims to establish adult women’s fastpitch softball league

The end of a high school or college athletic career can sometimes spell the end of an athlete’s ability to play the sport they love. For high school and college fastpitch softball players in the Eau Claire area ...

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6 Badger State Spots for Silver Screen Sights

Hollywood put these Wisconsin locations on the big screen, and you can put them on your vacation itinerary

Wisconsin is a long way from Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that filmmakers haven’t come calling when they need eye-catching settings – from space-age museums to historic banks to the world’s largest carousel – for their action blockbusters and costume dramas ...

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Border Crossing Boogaloo

tips for visiting our neighbor to the north (and we don’t mean the U.P.)

When it comes to road tripping, Wisconsinites have a geographical advantage when it comes to international vacationing. Depending on how committed you are at the wheel, a day’s drive can probably get you within eyesight of a Mountie or moose ...

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‘Fingers Crossed’ for More Skiing

spring may be here, but snow remains at the U.P.’s Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

There’s something to be said about the lake effect in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, where the average snowfall is roughly 300 inches, The Ski Journal said. For Midwestern folks ...

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Book a Trip: 5 bookstores worth the drive

indie bookstores pepper the upper Midwest, creating perfect travel opportunities for people who love reading

Have you ever planned your vacation around the bookstores you could visit on the way? Does your souvenir collection include bookmarks from all the places you’ve been? Do you pack your suitcase ...

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