Cover Art

On the Cover | April 3, 2019

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Lorrinda Benavides

“Dancin’ and Romancin’” by Lorrinda Benavides
Prismacolor colored pencils on Bristol smooth tooth paper, 11x14”, (2018)

Lorrinda Benavides has lived and worked in the Eau Claire area since 1985. She has a passion for drawing and creating artwork.

“What inspired this drawing is an old flame. Although we weren’t as odd as this couple dancing, we certainly came from different worlds. He played in a band and the only song he did not play was ‘Color My World’ by Chicago. It was the only song we danced together during his gigs. The nostalgia is so strong, that whenever I see my original creation hanging on the wall, I hear the song in my head, feel the love and passion in my heart and a slow two step in my feet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!”  – The Artist

To contact Lorrinda, search for LorrindaBenavidesArt on Etsy or email

Volume One finds its cover art in a number of ways, from local art shows to random emails to knowing someone who knows someone who knows a great artist. The art always originates from a current or former Chippewa Valley resident. If you'd like to submit cover art, send us a message.