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Making It Up

a rise in improv from all directions has formed a true, homegrown scene in the Chippewa Valley

Eau Claire’s burgeoning improv comedy scene is just that. It’s relatively young, active and starting to spark some major traction under its tires. But it exists not as one thing, but several independent ones. You have BareBones Improv, an ....

A Christmas Story Story

please don’t shoot your eye out with this holiday classic

We’re about halfway through November, so have you watched A Christmas Story yet? No? Did you hear that we’re about halfway through November? You better get on that. Make some popcorn. Call some friends. Make a ho-ho-holiday night of it. I'll pass.

The Jury Has a Verdict

The Menomonie Theater Guild is kicking off its 54th season with an edgy drama entitled Twelve Angry Men. Adapted from Reginald Rose’s 1957 movie by Sherman Sergel, Twelve Angry Men is about the trial of a 19-year old man who is convicted ...

Banff Film Festival

mountain adventure film festival comes to The State

The Banff Mountain Film Festival, a long running Canadian festival chronicling outstanding adventures and exploration of mountains is coming to the State Theater on Nov. 20 at 7pm. Since 1976, this festival has featured a compilation of films ...

150 Years of History

Gustave Clark writes about iconic Wisconsin mill

Gustave F. Clark was born in Eau Claire in 1943 on Good Friday. Dells Mill Pond in Augusta has been his lifelong home. He describes growing up on Dells Mill Pond as excellent, saying, “There’s nowhere else in the world I would fit in but right ...

The Sound of Words

Jack Bushnell releases fourth children’s book

Not many authors can say they learned the art of storytelling from a biology professor, but that’s how it worked for UWEC English professor Jack Bushnell. The biology professor who introduced Bushnell to the rhythm of words happened to be his father.

Cannibal Corpse on the Way

Later this month the House of Rock is teaming up with True Endeavors, an event management company based out of Madison, WI, to put on one of the most face melting concerts in the Chippewa Valley this year. On Nov. 20 Cannibal Corpse will be ...

Lindsey Buckingham On Tap

Lindsey Buckingham is most well known for being the front man of Fleetwood Mac, which has undoubtedly contributed monstrously to rock n roll and the music industry as a whole over the past few decades. Lucky for us, he will be gracing the ...

Eau Claire School District Eyes Up Lutheran School

Eau Claire school district officials are showing interest in the former Eau Claire Lutheran School as a location to house the district’s early learning programs. The Eau Claire school board has yet to determine whether to move ahead with the ...

An A+ Educator

local art teacher wins award from statewide organization

Johanna Peterson, an art teacher at Eau Claire’s Northstar Middle School, recently won Art Educator Of The Year from the Wisconsin Art Educators Association. She chatted with Volume One’s Lindsey Quinnies about teaching...

Opening Shot | Nov. 1, 2012

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, HORN MAN. Duncan Ninja inspiring a dance party at The Mousetrap on Nov. 9.

Note from the Editor | Nov. 15, 2012

Whether you’re ready for it or not, it’s with this issue we officially declare it the Holiday Season in the Chippewa Valley. Tucked inside the latest issue you should have found our annual Holiday Handbook packed with info on ways ...

On the Cover | Nov. 15, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Jenny Johns

“This piece was inspired by a nordic print found on one of my winter sweaters. It forces the viewer to see the parallels between human clothing and animal fur. My artwork often deals with vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and solid shapes. This..."

DaVinci's Workshop

veteran local artist starts new art program for kids

Walking the concrete hallways of Banbury Place, you would never expect your next turn to be so colorful, creative and full of laughter. Colorful paintings scatter the walls, unique art pieces sit on shelves, and children busily sort through the ...

Welcome to Sawdust City

Arms Aloft officially releases new record after 53-day tour

Some artists are so damn humble; they just get up, get out, and get done, forget about hanging on to any kind of hype. It’s left to those of us wandering in creation’s wake to shout their praise. Arms Aloft is one of those bands, and the chorus ...