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FICTION: Opening the Dam

Winner, 7th Annual Volume One Fiction Contest

“I remember oranges in the fruit basket and she remembers a wet washcloth draped over the faucet. We couldn’t tell you about the words”

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A Bar Cry

the void to be filled in our area’s bargoing experience

Why can’t our area have a watering hole where you can go chill on the rooftop or a big deck over the river? Why can’t our area have a tavern with craptons of board games and skee-ball?

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The Rear End

Back Attack

something strange is happening at the base of my spine

I’m still not sure what it was, but a muscle got pulled, or a disc got shifted, or my spleen got exploded, or maybe it was a deliciously evil combo platter of all three.

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Food Modified (Genetically)

you wouldn’t believe what these foods are doing to your body

We are more than 10 years into a huge field experiment of how GMO’s affect humans. We are just beginning to piece together some of the effects they’ve been having on our population, and it all looks pretty scary.

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LISTEN: The Gentle Guest

band continues manic energy, brilliance in follow-up release

So we’ve established it – great band, great record, but what about the live show? ... Well on July 16, Gentle Guest plans to play not one set, not two, but seven, count ‘em, SEVEN sets.

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Eggplant Heroes

album follows years of casual jamming

“All of us come from such different musical backgrounds,” says Pace, “that we try to let all of those streams run into one big river and feed off those different styles.

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Fragile + Chip Val Symphony

local symphony teams with a band for the first time ever

For the first time in its 36 year history, the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra takes the stage of The State Theatre with a rock band, putting forth a unique mixture of classical music and hard rock.

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Guess Who + Rick Springfield

Northern WI State Fair main stage will classically rock

The main stage at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair will be cowboy-bootin’ and hit parading with Phil Vassar, The Guess Who, Chris Young, and the man who has been yearning for Jessie’s Girl since 1981, Rick Springfield.

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Wintertime Carousel

local teams up with Oregon friends for new disc

Songwriter Simon Adler of Wintertime Carousel has a lot to be proud of following the June release of the band’s new album, Grief in Movement.

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Hip-hop and B-boy Association's Debut Event

On July 14 at DeLong Middle School, local breakdancers the Floor Dusters Crew are teaming up with the Eau Claire Hip-Hop and B-Boy/B-Girl Association to put on the Valley’s first official b-boy jam, Lay Da Breaks.

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William F. Kirk

a history lesson on one of the area’s most prolific and famous writers

A brief history lesson on one of the area’s most prolific and famous writers, known for his versatility in writing poetry, sports, columns, songs, and dialect humor.

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Visual Art

Back Alley is Back (Baby)

when we screen it, you will come – or at least you should

When 200 people on blankets and lawn chairs pack a small alley in downtown Eau Claire, in the waning hours of a Monday night no less, it can only mean one thing. The Back Alley Summer Cinema Series has returned.

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Local Look

The Good Life

survey aims to measure our cultural landscape

“We felt like there wasn’t a collective voice speaking for Eau Claire’s culture,” McLeod says. So she and a team of other organizations with a stake in our community joined forces to create the Good Life Project.

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Strolling Iowa

former Eau Claire city manager migrated to Iowa City to help create fantastic pedestrian mall

“In some ways, we’re cautious and conservative. We try to avoid conflict. … The community suffers from the ‘We can’t do that here’ attitude.”

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Food / Drink

Jewel of India

Indian cuisine moves into the Ramada

With such a high demand for Indian food, he thought, why not turn the buffet into a full-fledged restaurant?

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Turk's Head Coffee House

from Morocco to Turkey, café brews worldly experience

If you order the Turkish brew, an intense and flavorful coffee cooked over a stove with nutmeg and cardamom, prepare to wait eight minutes – at which point you will be presented with an ornate “ibrik,” painted cup, and saucer.

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Happy Birthday, Truckers

what started as a “hippie” venture is now 40 years strong

“It’s the one place where you can buy a pipe and a birthday present for your grandma. It’s more than just a head shop.”

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