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FEATURE: Breaking It Down

Believe it or not, the Chippewa Valley has its own breakdancing scene

Break-dancing, a form of freestyle dance that incorporates gymnastics and hip-hop dance, is gaining popularity with Eau Claire’s middle-school boys, high-schoolers, and college kids.

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It's Just Like Riding a Bike

hang in there, Eau Claire. you’ll build that cycling culture soon enough

If there are bike lanes, people will use them. Just like if there is cheesy popcorn, people will eat it.

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The Rear End

I Never Did Homecoming

maybe I was wrong to avoid that big parking lot party

I never did a lot of the “normal” college stuff. I never lived in the dorms. I never played Ultimate Frisbee. I never “studied all night long” so I could “get good grades.”

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All for Naut

Jaggernauts set to reveal new album, tri-state tour

“The important thing is playing with my friends and playing good music. Wherever [the band] goes it doesn’t matter. It’s about having fun.”

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Teachers, Students, Soundsmiths

TSR Band a veteran force in the local music scene

“To land in a place where people really like (the music), and we really like it ... it’s just wonderful. ... And we’re home before midnight!”

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Stick to the Script

Dr. Wil Denson just can’t stop teaching script writing

“Don’t try to write the American masterpiece. Get it down. Write fast. Then go over it. Writing is re-writing.”

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an official selection from our 6th annual fiction contest

His dreams are broken; worse yet, they are forgotten. His inner child choked on cynicism long ago. Still, it mumbles from the grave at the sight of a canopy vaulting over the five-foot bed.

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Visual Art

Beading the Way

handmade jewelry shop supports family center

This is happening in our communities, to people that we know. Something’s got to be done."

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Local Look

Thanks for Asking | August 20, 2009

The Belfry on the corner of Farwell and Madison. Seriously, what is the deal with that?

I’ve never been in the Belfry. Tried several times, but never succeeded. My latest experience, doing due diligence to answer your question, is typical ...

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Food / Drink

Revealing the Secret

Asian eatery Secret Garden focuses on Korean fare

Diners sipping wine under pergolas surrounded by lighted trees and soft Korean music can be excused if they forget they’re sitting feet away from Hastings Avenue.

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Outback is Out

Australian-themed restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse closed its doors to the meat-loving patrons of Eau Claire for the final time on Aug. 9.

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Give it a 10

BMX group North of Ten makes huge internet splash

“Things like the X-Games are a tool to sell products. North Of Ten is just kind of a group of friends who ride bikes and don’t have cell phones.”

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an interactive and intercultural experience

With more than 4,000 in the Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn counties, the Hmong people make up an integral part of the culture of the Chippewa Valley, but not many non-Hmong can boast knowing much of their culture and heritage.

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