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Indoor Plants: The Perfect Roommates

give your space some life with greenery, but take good care of your plants

Yia Lor

Remember that time you took a stroll in the park and felt completely refreshed afterward? Part of that is because that greenery all around you is working hard to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This process ...

A Prairie Playground: River Prairie Park is a great draw for kids

Yia Lor

This summer, kids of all ages are heading over to Altoona’s River Prairie Park where they can enjoy the fairy garden, soak their feet in the winding stream, and play in the splash pad to their heart’s content. The park has become the Valley’s newest hot spot, and it promises ...

Ashley for the Arts: Good Tunes, Great Cause

Yia Lor

Ashley for the Arts is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer, and you won’t want to miss it. This must-attend festival draws more than 50,000 people from all over who come to enjoy some great entertainment, art, and family fun at a very affordable price that all goes to support charity.

Style on a Budget

buying used clothes can be eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and stylish all at once

Yia Lor

A few years ago, I took my first leap toward a more eco-friendly closet, and I’ve been leaping ever since. There is something magical about giving new life to gently used clothes that may have otherwise ended up at the landfill. Of course, it helps to live in the Chippewa Valley, which has more than 20 thrifty shops ...

Floating Away: a unique meditative experience in Eau Claire

Yia Lor

Feeling stressed? Can’t fall asleep? Or do you simply want to defy gravity? Then consider taking a dip at The Honey Pot, a new massage therapy and flotation center offering the Chippewa Valley its very first meditative float pod ...