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A Very Merry Squad-y Xmas

the day after Christmas is gonna get weird and awesome

Tyler Griggs

Relentlessly aggressive, wildly unpredictable, and essentially experimental, Marijuana Deathsquads is an odd ensemble of Twin Cities musicians featuring Ryan Olson (Poliça, Gayngs, Digitata), P.O.S. (Doomtree), video artist Isaac Gale, and no less than two drummers each on their own kit. Marijuana Deathsquads ...

Best of 2015 - Staff Pick: Best Rejuvenated Pathway

Tyler Griggs

Looking younger, fresher, and more lively than ever before, an Eastside Hill pathway had its surface exfoliated to reveal a brick pathway under inches of soil. The path, which begins at the end of Emery Street behind the Eau Claire Press Co. building in downtown Eau Claire, curls up the ...

Irie Sol Channels Gatsby

the local ‘lit-hop’ crew blends rasta with literary greats

Tyler Griggs

A simple wrought-iron gate looms over the grounds of the Commodore Hotel in St. Paul. Embedded in its filigree are four numbers: 1-9-2-0. Pass through the gate and the hotel comes alive with the sounds of a roaring celebration: This is the Commodore’s basement speakeasy, and we’re here, right here ...

Off the Grid, in the Studio

the natural landscape makes the Chippewa Valley an attractive recording environment

Tyler Griggs

We spend a lot of time talking about local musicians, but the studios and audio engineers who record our performers are critical to the music scene, too. The people behind the mixing boards at Chippewa Valley recording studios have great talent, but why is that? Perhaps there is something ...

Ugly Muggin’

We scoured Valley thrift and antique stores for the cheesiest and weirdest coffee mugs around.

Janae Breunig, Eric Christenson, Tom Giffey, Tyler Griggs, Serena Wagner, photos by Serena Wagner

We scoured Valley thrift and antique stores for the cheesiest and weirdest coffee mugs around.

The Embellishment Reunites for One-Off Show

Tyler Griggs

If Pavement can do it, what the hay! Eau Claire band The Embellishment may have disbanded nearly 15 years ago, but that’s not stopping them from assembling a one-time reunion show at the House of Rock (422 Water St.) Saturday, Nov. 22 ...

Fur, Metal, and Glass

Jaggernauts burst forth with second album

Tyler Griggs

Like a snarling werewolf leaping from the bursting windshield of a crashing hot rod, The Jaggernauts are back with album number two. It’s called Safe, and whad’ya know – it’s their 10th year together, too. Noel and the ’nauts are in their ...

Lyrical Locale

local bands shout out their ’hoods through the magic of song

Tyler Griggs, Eric Christenson

“We’re at the Grand Illusion/Exile on Water Street ...” starts the second verse of “Fiasco A Go-Go.” Bandleader Jim Pullman sings the line over clanging guitars and drummer Joey Gunderson and bassist Eric Thompson’s tempered beats ...

Reckless Fools

Astrotone Collective drops debut album

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In a sleepy neighborhood on the north side of Eau Claire comes the sound of buzzing guitars, high-hat hisses and a boy’s wail from a blue rambler’s closed garage door. Three cages of rabbits sit outside on the driveway; perhaps the garage is ...

DECI Grant Encourages Downtown Building Makeovers

Tyler Griggs

Attention downtown businesses: If you’re considering rehabilitating an existing building or hope to pursue another brick-and-mortar project, DECI may be able to hook you up with some cash. They recently announced a new program that will ...

Bike & Pedestrian Plan Wins Major Planning Award

Tyler Griggs

Eau Claire’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan has received recognition from a regional planning group. The American Planning Association - Wisconsin Chapter Northwest District, which includes planners across 26 counties, honored the blueprint in ...

Electrolyte Empire Releases Debut EP via Digital Download

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It was about a year ago Electrolyte Empire wrapped up recording the seven-song Underfoot EP. The 90s-inspired hard rockers spent six grueling months with local sound engineer Jaime Hansen, but never got around to producing any sort of physical ...

Get a Room

alt-hip-hop-rockers release debut album

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Looking forward to releasing their first full-length album next month, don’t mistake The Blue Room for new blood in town. Featuring Joe Samolinski, Tommy Tainter, Adam Thoms, and the brothers Vang, Alex, and Anthony, The Blue Room is a ...

Bon Iver superfan attends Eau Claire shows ... from Japan

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Shuhei Fujita is an eminent Bon Iver Superfan. He traveled all the way from the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan for Bon Iver’s two homecoming shows at Zorn Arena. n Tuesday night, when Shuhei came in to The Local Store and began asking about local ...

National Novel Writing Month: The Eau Claire Chapter

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

To some Chippewa Valley writers, this precipitous final week of October means less about Halloween than it does about gearing up for the massive exercise in creative writing called National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short).

International Folk Fair

annual UWEC event features foods from around the globe

Tyler Griggs, photos by Nikki Humphrey

Imagine yourself hungry for adventure on a slightly chilly Sunday afternoon .. maybe you’re just out of church, or just out of bed. But this day is a basketball, and you are compelled to give it a backboard-shattering slam dunk with fist pump finish.

'Rock for the Rules' Charitable CD Released

Tyler Griggs

Yesterday, City Pages featured a touching article on Twin Cities music scene imports Rob & Leah Rule, a local husband 'n wife duo who for ten years helped bring St. Paul's Turf Club to the forefront of the metro area's music venues ...

Beacon James

local folk-poppers release four-song debut EP

Tyler Griggs

The trio of lady singers that largely front the up-’n-coming folk-‘n-roll ensemble Beacon James prod, joke, and chuckle with each other on a curiously comfy couch at Racy’s Coffeehouse.

Carnivore Rock

Jim Pullman Band releases Jackals and Wolves LP

Tyler Griggs

If The Jim Pullman Band’s last album, 2008’s The End of the Beginning, aimed a new rock ‘n roll energy following a stark lineup change, the brand-spankin’ new release Jackals and Wolves aims for Jim Pullman at his most essential and honest ...

Annual Avalon Event Mixes Art and Flowers

Tyler Griggs

Avalon Floral presents a celebration of local artists and flower bouquets in an innovative multimedia art reception-style event. The 3rd Annual Colorfall Art Show ...

Mahli Thai

‘hot’ new Thai restaurant opens in Chippewa Falls

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When Mahli Thai owner Terri Wilson first discovered the former Bridge Street Station in downtown Chippewa Falls was an empty lot for sale, inspiration and possibility burst from her curious mind. It was early 2011 and she and her husband Tom were ...

Found Footage Festival

the fifth touring celebration of the weirdest video tapes ever made

Tyler Griggs

When UW-Eau Claire college buddies Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher served up an eclectic lineup of out-of-touch instructional videos, community television tapes, and other obscure audio-visual candy for live audiences, little did they know their video..

Roster McCabe

local funky favorites to jam at the House of Rock

Tyler Griggs

Let’s get past one thing right now: This Wednesday night business. Wednesday nights do not regularly inspire thoughts like most excellent concert experience or whiskey a-go-go, but both are happening at the House of Rock on March 2.

Electrolyte Empire

Eau Claire rockers release Underfoot EP

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I love my family, I love my kids, but sometimes I need to jam with my friends, sweat, and have a blast playing rock ‘n roll.” – Justin LeMay, drummer for Electrolyte Empire

New Eatery in Banbury has Great Ribs, Breakfast

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A brief drive down Eau Claire Street into Banbury Place will take you to one of the area’s newest locally owned and operated eateries.

The Finesse EP

quartet inspired by late band director

Tyler Griggs

The Finesse’s rock-rooted funk ‘n’ roll mojo is hooky, well constructed and fit for weekend dancing.

This Weekend: Fair Play!

Tyler Griggs

At The Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Guess Who's playing this year. No really, The Guess Who's playing this year.

Don't Fear the Expert

novelist discovers what needs to be overcome in the name of art

Tyler Griggs, illustrated by Holly Zimmerman

When I was really young I wrote two “books.” They were each about five notebook pages long and had about a dozen staples on the left margin.

Area bands rock the Ark

Tyler Griggs

Z100 band battle could make area musicians' summer a lot more wet 'n' wild.


video game-based power metal finally comes to town

Tyler Griggs

Expect recognizable rock from back when Mario, Megaman, and Link were getting their start, larger-than-life costumes (although battle gear might be the better word for it), and a measure of extreme that both Dragonforce and Bowser, King of the Koopas can

Haley Bonar

Minnesota alt-country songstress to visit Menomonie

Tyler Griggs

She might be Minnesota’s brightest indie folk starlet. Haley Bonar, born around Winnipeg, Canada, raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota ...

Menomonie Goes East

Tyler Griggs

Hear some hot new tracks from local musicians while supporting art in the Chippwea Valley.

Charles Morgan

CD: done. label: created. recording studio: made.

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“Just how Phil (from Future Leaders of the World) has tried to get me into the national scene, I want to do the same for local people.”

We've Got Badfinger's Bassist

Mark Healey releases solo album

Tyler Griggs

Local musician and producer Mark Healey is more than the latest songwriter with an album out.

Name your price

Tyler Griggs

Local folk group We Are the Willows' new EP leaves it up to you.

Barrelful of Rock

Bottle & Barrel Bar featuring live music

Tyler Griggs, photos by Nick Meyer

Downtown Eau Claire’s Bottle & Barrel Bar (209 Graham Ave.) is now featuring live music and comedy on Friday nights

Unmap unfolds

Tyler Griggs

Justin Vernon's album with Volcano Choir meets favorable reviews

OK Go is coming in November!

Tyler Griggs

UWEC really pulled through with this one. OK Go sits well against shows of the last 10 years.

Summer's Final Music Festival

Fall Roots Fest features eight bands over three days

Tyler Griggs

Don't forget about High Jive Productions and Campout Roots’ second annual Fall Roots Fest, featuring eight bands playing five free shows

Laarks Get Grilled

Tyler Griggs

Minneapolis/St. Paul paper exalts Eau Claire indie avians Laarks in a Q&A.

Sounding Off Summerfest

Tyler Griggs

Local, original music shines at downtown's biggest summer event.

En Garde!

Eau Claire group, Amtgard, relives Medieval battles

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On both sides of the clash, all are parrying strikes, making the killing blow, casting spells, or sailing arrows at each other smack dab in the middle of Eau Claire’s Owen Park on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

Andys Doomesday Device

debut album mixes metal, hard rock, spells things wrong

Tyler Griggs

Menomonie’s Andys Doomesday Device speaks 70s and 80s metal to the Chippewa Valley.


local hip-hopper ‘carves’ out new album

Tyler Griggs

“I never told a lie, not one of my rhymes. This time I’m making sure that I’m living my life.”

The Ranchhands

internationally renowned duo kicks off tour in EC

Tyler Griggs

Credited as “the first American country music band to perform in Albania and Bosnia” ...