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Culinary Vacation

Pan Asia Kitchen offers transcontinental cuisine

Lisa de Felice, Andrea Paulseth

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Asia but didn’t have the time or money, let your taste buds do the traveling for you when you dine at Pan Asia Kitchen, an Asian culinary experience in Eau Claire. Located just off Birch Street next ...

Wanna buy a wind-powered brewfarm?

Lisa de Felice

Every time a brewery closes down, an angel loses its wings. I don’t make this stuff up, folks. But you can stop that from happening by purchasing Dave’s BrewFarm, a working brewery located in Wilson, west of Menomonie. Dave’s BrewFarm ...

The Kings Are (Re)Born

bluesy Kingsnakes plan holiday revival show at The Plus

Lisa de Felice, photos by Greg Bauwens

The day after Christmas, instead of chucking the tree onto the front curb and tangling up all your holiday lights, why don’t you head down to Pizza Plus for some sweet tunes from The Kingsnakes and South Farwell? The Kingsnakes are ...

Roll Out the Barrel

Menomonie wine bar fills nightlife niche

Lisa de Felice, photos by Tim Mather

If you’re looking for something new to do in the Menomonie area, check out the Barrel Room, 320 Main St. E. The Barrel Room isn’t just your run-of-the-mill cocktail lounge: It’s a cozy and inviting wine bar, perfect for unwinding after a ...

Alien Ant Farm

early aught-rockers bring hits to Chippewa Falls bar

Lisa de Felice

If your high school days were anything like mine, you used to break into a moonwalk (or at least some semblance of one) when Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” would come on whilst you were getting ready for school in the morning ...

Water Street Burrito Haven Moves Down Street

Lisa de Felice

El Patio is on the move but it isn’t going far. In a few months, you’ll be able to enjoy El Patio’s delicious burritos and refreshing margaritas at 408 Water St., just a couple of blocks from their current location. According to Alejandro Castro ...

Wine Gala Offers Variety, Quantity for a Cause

Lisa de Felice

Don’t pass up the opportunity to give back to the community by sampling cheese and beer. On Friday, October 17, Gordy’s Valley Spirits is hosting its Fourth Annual “Uncorked” Autumn Wine Tasting Gala at Heartland Aviation, where all proceeds ...

Ingrid Michaelson Heading to Zorn Arena

Lisa de Felice

If you think Ingrid Michaelson sounds amazeballs over the radio, then you better get ready for some mind-blowing music when she comes to UW–Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena this November. As one of the biggest indie-pop musicians of her time ...

Youth Theater Born Again

Menomonie stage group forges ahead independently

Lisa de Felice, photos by Tim Mather

Blaine Halverson has a passion for helping kids express their artistic abilities, and he’s done a great job doing so through the founding of the Red Cedar Youth Stage. Also known as ReCYS (pronounced “ree-sis”), the Red Cedar Youth Stage is ...

Important Storms

stormy kids’ read has environmental message

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Karen Wise, author of the newly released book Freebee the Grebe (pronounced “greeb”), knew she wanted to put the story of the grebe down on paper the minute it came into her head.

The Prairie B*tch is Back

Little House’s pigtailed brat has a one-woman comedy show

Lisa de Felice

Whether you laughed when she was pushed down a hill in a wheelchair or thought it was unjust that she got a fist full of mud to the face, there’s no debate that Alison Arngrim is back with a vengeance.

A Breath of Fresh Threads

new apparel company in Chippewa Falls

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Breath of Life, which is partnered with Menomonie’s Ambient Visions Ink, offers apparel with designs created entirely by the local trio. As of now, they offer T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and hats, but plan to add jeans, shorts, dress shirts...

Double Dose of Dubs

two new albums from Breakneck the Mage

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Breakneck the Mage has been a busy man. After spending much of his time mixin’ beats and laying down tracks at Green Street Studios, his personal studio located in Chippewa Falls, Breakneck is ready to bless his fans with two new full-length ...

The Shillelagh Lads

local Irish folksters keep the crowd going

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Shillelagh Lads consider their audience members to be Irish the second they walk through the door. As the only band in Eau Claire that exclusively plays Irish pub music ...

Cannibal Days

UWEC Players stage their first post-summer show

Lisa de Felice

In the UWEC Players’ newest play, Cannibal Days, or A Mid-Western, Mid-Twenties Journey Into the Heart of Fame, six people in their mid-20s are faced with life-changing decisions that will, over the course of two weeks, either make or break them in the en

Local Web Series Tours Ghostly Locales

Lisa de Felice

The Haunting Experiment is a group of five people who all have one thing in common: they are very interested in the paranormal world.

Return of the Sky Screamers

the Chippewa Valley Air Show rockets back to town

Lisa de Felice

Whether or not you have the means to fly this summer, you can still find enjoyment and feel awe in watching some thousand-pound aircrafts in flight at this year’s Chippewa Valley Air Show.

A place to be yourself

Lisa de Felice

LGBT Community Center of the Chippewa Valley offers a safe space for teens to be themselves

Whad'ya Know Again?

Wisconsin’s favorite radio quiz show returns to the State

Lisa de Felice

Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? returns to the State Theatre for some nationally syndicated live radio broadcast quiz show-style fun.

Stout Kids to Graduate in Recyclable Style

Lisa de Felice

This December Stout is going green with their gowns. Of course they’ll still be black, but instead of the regular material, students will be donning gowns made of 100 percent recyclables.

Godfather of Game Day

Draganetti’s Owners Open Sports Bar & (Italian) Grill

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“We’re all Italian in my family. It’s been an inside joke that maybe we’re part of the mafia.”

They'll Slot You In

60s racing sensation returns to popularity

Lisa de Felice, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“Everyone has a great big smile on their face when they do it.” – Todd Blaeser

Fashionable Program

UW-Stout’s outstanding apparel design outfit

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“It’s great when people ask you where you got a shirt and you can say ... I made that.”

Leading in Reading

university students head local literacy program

Lisa de Felice

“The key to our program is to just have fun with books."

Rumble in the Jungle

annual snowshoe race back for the third year

Lisa de Felice

Be honest: right about now, in the dead of winter, you’re bored out of your mind.

Let’s Have a Ball, Y’all!

bipartisan inaugural ball hopes to inspire change

Lisa de Felice

People of all ages, backgrounds, and political viewpoints must attend.

It's Electric!

group at North High builds electric cars in class

Lisa de Felice, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If they place first, North High School’s Electrical Vehicle Team is entitled to bragging rights.

Festival of Trees

holiday event raises funds for The State Theatre

Lisa de Felice

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center will be hosting its first ever Festival of Trees.