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Keith Karns Big Band

former local brings big band to a show at the State

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Former UWEC Jazz I trumpeter Keith Karns is returning to his roots to debut his new band and album. Based out of Indianapolis, the Keith Karns Big Band plays mostly original works and arrangements by Keith himself. The band’s debut/CD release ...

Rolling Up the Sleeves

UWEC alum’s new project, Mr. Sleeves, debuts album

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

“Eclectic” is a word that is regularly thrown around by both musicians and music appreciators. Many rock stars boast their secret love of jazz, or pop singers claim that Beethoven is their guilty pleasure, but few artists dare to dive in head ...

Grammys Give Our Artists the Proverbial Shaft

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (better known as the Grammy people) apparently has it in for our music scene. Early in April, they announced that the number of categories would be reduced from 109 to 78.

Jim Pullman Band is Up to Something

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

The Jim Pullman Band plans to drop a new album (titled Jackals and Wolves) in August. The album contains nine new tracks (10 if you get it from iTunes!) and an epic line-up of guest contributors.

Recession Chic

rethinking your home’s interior in a down economy

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Most people might assume that during a recession, an interior designer might feel pretty discouraged. No one is remodeling, restoring or upgrading, right? Not so, says Bonnie Feltz, owner of Department of Interiors in Eau Claire.

Listen: Kenzie Joy 2.0

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

The wait is over for those who’ve been waiting to see what acoustic teen queen Kenzie Joy was going to do next. At the ripe age of 14, her sophomore album Why Not drops this weekend with 10 original tracks. The new tunes show off Kenzie’s ...

Kenzie's Still Climbing With Sophomore Album

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Junior songstress Kenzie Joy has penned a whole new CD of originals. Joy, now 14, busted on to the scene last year with her self-titled album and a sweep of coffee shop and outdoor appearances.

Friday night was made for a cappella

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

UWEC's a cappella groups are tired of traveling out-of-state to compete for harmonic supremacy, so they decided to organize their own intercollegiate a capella competition right here at home. The 2-day event kicks off with a concert on Friday night.

Symphonic Celebration

CV Youth Symphony celebrates 30 years

Lauren Buelow Cunningham, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you keep your ears open around town, you know that the Chippewa Valley has some seriously talented kids.

At the Center of It All

UWs Stout and Eau Claire to expand student centers

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

The $19 million renovated student center will adjoin the new $43 million science building – Jarvis Hall – to create a “central hub” on Stout’s campus.

Summer Snow

local business and weather anomaly taste delish

Lauren Buelow Cunningham, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It is now August, and summer is quickly coming to a close. If you are scrambling to finish a summer to-do list, you must make time for a snowball.

This Weekend: Kick Out the (Country) Jams

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

A tad bittersweet, the last big music festival of the summer marks the sad fact that summer is half over, so you might as well spend it at the biggest lawn party of the year.

To Do Today: Win Meat

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

That’s right, a raffle for meat. It’s exactly what it sounds like.


Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Rock Fest ... Rock around the clock. Rock and roll all night. Rock out. Rock on. Rock your socks off. Rock your face off. Rock’em sock’em robots. Fraggle Rock. Rock you like a hurricane ...

Sonic Experiments

Michael Rambo Project techs out to rock on

Lauren Buelow Cunningham, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“We wanted to inspire a sense of creation,” Rambo said. “People would cheer for each other, and then pass the iPad on to others, and then cheer them on as well.”

Female Folk Trio Hits the Road for One Last Hurrah

Feathe celebrates their two-year run

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Feathe, a trio of ladies with a passion for down-home harmonies, will celebrate their two-year run by hitting up seven states in 14 days.

To Do Today: Chippewa Valley Firecracker

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

A favorite of off-road cyclists from across the state, the Chippewa Valley Firecracker is fun for the whole helmet-headed family.

To Do Today: Fourth of July

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

For one day only, Menomonie turns in to the Freedom-i-est place on Earth (or just the Chip Valley).

This Weekend: BANG!

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Chippewa Valley Museum's 18th Annual Independence Day Celebration – nothing says “Happy Birthday, America!” like wool spinning and spelling bees!

To float or not to float?

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Due to ridiculous amounts of rainfall, the Chippewa River is running fast and high. But is it too dangerous for the favorite summer pastime of Eau Claire youths?

To Do Today: Stroll Some Gardens

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through someone else's garden without getting threatened for trespassing!

This Weekend: Country Fest 2010

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Hundreds of country music fans will be making the annual pilgrimage to Cadott this weekend for Country Fest 2010.

Honey Weiss is now a teenager

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Leinenkugel's most famous cash cow, and by cash cow I mean beer: Honey Weiss.