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Eau Claire a hotbed for cheapskates?

Lauren Kurkowski

As many, many, many of you were quick to point out, according to a Yahoo Finance article, the Eau Claire metro area is one of the top 10 inexpensive cities in the U.S. Their criteria considers metropolitan areas where the cost of living was low ...

New “Artist Market” coming to Phoenix Park

Lauren Kurkowski, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This summer there will be a new “Artist Market” coinciding with the Saturday morning Eau Claire Farmers Market in Phoenix Park. Organized by downtown shop Tangled Up In Hue, the Artist Market will be a place for local artists within 40 miles of ...


a Wisconsin made post-apocalyptic (mid)western

Lauren Kurkowski

Former local, Adam Gilmore, is part of a filmmaking collaborative called Farmland Dynamite. The Milwaukee-based team consists of alums from UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. Farmland Dynamite has shot a short film called Savageland, and now ...

Glimpse | A Possible Future for Downtown

Lauren Kurkowski

DECI and South Barstow BID will unveil their conceptual ideas for the future of downtown in Eau Claire on May 3 with the Downtown Master Plan. The plan mainly covers the S. Barstow area and is not a binding contract, but a “vision of what ...

City to unveil Downtown "Master Plan" on May 3

Lauren Kurkowski

The City of Eau Claire's master plan for the downtown area is ready to be revealed – on Thursday, May 3 at noon to be exact. In a special meeting in the Eau Claire & Chippewa River room at RCU's Corporate Center (200 Riverfront Terrace). The plans...

Are we cool enough for Rand McNally?

Lauren Kurkowski

Seems like the Chippewa Valley has been getting bunches of awards lately (like this and this), and I don't know about you, but I think we deserve more recognition. Like what, you ask? Like Rand McNally's Best of the Road, I answer.

“Pop-up shops” offer short term shop owning

Lauren Kurkowski

When it comes to small scale local retail, Milwaukeeans really seem to be making a go of it. First we heard about Small Shops United and now we hear about a Milwaukee mall becoming home to a series of pop-up shops. In essence, a "pop-up shop" ...

The biggest, baddest bicycling bout begins

Lauren Kurkowski

Registration is officially open for the Wisconsin Bike Challenge. Organized by the Bike Federation of Wiscionsin, the Challenge, which runs from May 1 to August 31, is a free event for businesses and individuals across Wisconsin. Register as ...

A pat on Menomonie's back

Lauren Kurkowski

Congratulations, Menomonie, you’re one of the best small towns in America. According to Smithsonian Magazine’s article, “The 20 Best Small Towns in America,” Menomonie ranks number 15. Smithsonian teamed up with geographic information systems ...

Glimpse | Area Girl Scouts Bust Out Local Lore Merit Badge

Lauren Kurkowski

Local Girl Scouts have an old idea for a new badge. The fourth- and fifth-grade troop at the Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School, led by Kim Lien and Lissa Ziehr, is introducing a “local lore” badge to their repertoire. “I love choosing ...

Wisconsin a leader in ... climate change preparation?

Lauren Kurkowski

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Wisconsin is right on track with efforts to curb climate change and water pollution. We’re among nine other states in the “green zone,” meaning we have policies in place to manage carbon ...

A Wisco-made post apocalyptic (Mid)western? Yes, please.

Lauren Kurkowski

Former local, Adam Gilmore, is part of a filmmaking collaborative called Farmland Dynamite. The Milwaukee-based team consists of alums from UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. Farmland Dynamite is producing a short film called “Savageland” ...

See Spot ... Sing?

Lauren Kurkowski

Y’all like music, right? But have you ever wondered if your pets like music too? What are their favorite genres – classical, rock ‘n’ roll, inde? It turns out animals do like music, or at least they respond to it emotionally. And thanks to ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep In

Lauren Kurkowski

As a college student, I know what it feels like to pull an all-nighter. But what I don’t always realize is the huge impact a lack of sleep can have on my health. Yahoo’s article, “What Your Insomnia May Be Costing You,” is a wake-up call to ...

5 Wedding Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Lauren Kurkowski

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, so it’s easy for some things to fall under the radar. Here are our picks ­– compiled from various articles and guides – of the top 5 things you definitely shouldn’t forget about ...

Going Camping? Register Online!

Lauren Kurkowski

Campsite reservation is finally catching up with the 21st century. Campers can now reserve local Coon Fork Lake campsites online. The new online reservation form is built to be user-friendly and convenient. Just pick your dates from their handy ...

Focus on Energy: Go Green to Get Green

Lauren Kurkowski

It really is easy being green with Wisconsin’s new Focus on Energy program, which assists Wis. residents and businesses manage rising energy costs. The program encourages eligible Wisconsinites to update to more energy-efficient and cost-effective...

Eau Claire County one of top 20 healthiest Wisco counties

Lauren Kurkowski

Congratulations, fellow Eau Clairians, we're pretty healthy. According to the 2012 County Health Rankings, we're among the healthiest counties in Wisconsin. The Rankings, published online by the UW Population Health Institute and the ...

Get versed on National Poetry Month

Lauren Kurkowski

It’s National Poetry Month, and some folks at UWEC are celebrating in style. Melissa Girard’s UWEC class is teaming up with Robin Miller at the UWEC library to reveal a poem a day for the 16th annual National Poetry Month this April. Students ...

Styling Something More

downtown salon offers quarterly art exhibitions

Brittni Straseske, Lauren Kurkowski, photos by Jessica Vollmer

Visitors to downtown’s Saylon Seven might notice something different on April 7. The salon is hosting their second quarterly art show. Owner of the salon, Sabrina Spiegel-Kohrs, said her husband, Keith Kohrs, is the one behind the idea. ...

Travel Wisconsin has made a to-do list for you

Lauren Kurkowski

Travel Wisconsin has released a list of 12 new Wisconsin events and attractions they say you simply must experience in 2012. There's a lot to do, so you better stop procrastinating and start fun-have-i-cating. The list ...

Wisconsin cows break state record. For milk.

Lauren Kurkowski

Wisconsin milk production has spilled over to a new state record. Let’s raise our glasses to the 1.27 million hard-working Sconnie cows that helped break this record. We couldn’t have done it without them. Their valiant efforts squeezed out ...

How are teachers trying to salvage music education?

Lauren Kurkowski, photos by Mike O'Brien

After the controversial shake up of Eau Claire School District music teachers a few years back – shuffling teachers from long-established programs into different schools and letting some people go – we all wondered about the future of local music ...

Wisconsin's #1 ... in binge drinking

Lauren Kurkowski

According to a recent CDC study, we Wisconsinites are significantly above the national binge drinking average, with about 25.6% of the state's alcohol consumption attributed to binge drinking. The only state to even come close to Wisconsin ...