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Jan Carroll


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Some Assembly Required

Jan Carroll

The kit comes free of its script // not having shipped with instructions, // only a tip line to call in distress, // a site to log into in the middle ...

Tornadoes That Ruined Christmas

Jan Carroll

Tornados that Ruined Christmas are famed // on the Weather Station, TVs up on brackets // at the checkout, Festival Foods. Not really ashamed ...

Checking on My Plot in the Community Garden, Early June

Jan Carroll

Saw the first sulfur butterfly, I think a Little Wing. They don’t sit still long. The first dragonflies like tiny helicopters, only beautiful, escorting me. Intricately delicate, not manmade, not mechanical ...

These Failed Attempts to Set Free

Jan Carroll

When the two homeless men— // one red sleeping bag, one green—fled // from the cave-like encampment // under the footbridge downtown, all they left ...

New Year's Kiss

Jan Carroll

I have a clock in my kitchen stopped / a few minutes short of midnight. Even though / it’s broken beyond hope, I keep it there by the sink / to remind me—not of the ever-impending end ...

Love on the Precipice Ode

Jan Carroll

You know the killdeer / will feign a broken wing, / that when you near and lean in / with the first-aid kit of “I am here” / tacked on your sleeve it will seem ...

Waste the Day!

Jan Carroll

Some days you need to waste, perfect temperature // and humidity in agreement with the blue sky // your mind has become, fireworks // till two in the morning long fizzled out ...

Childhood Bridge

Jan Carroll

Sometimes I still find myself in dreams / on the wobbly wooden walkway scaffolded / to the side of the old Sauk bridge, gripping / my mother’s hand. The abandon

A Lot

Jan Carroll

Lack gets latched on the inner lining of the belly —not hunger, not physically—there are government food cards for that, and the pantry is open Tuesdays and Fridays. You come away with a box of goods resulting from too few choices you’re grateful enough to stand in line an hour for, five ...

Love Note to the Eau Claire River

Jan Carroll

You’d have little song but for these interruptions, / little music if not for what you run up against / below the surface. Little character without such debris.