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Local Kiddo Saves Lives, One Jacket at a Time

Justine  Childs

When Jacob Krager’s friend Jacob Lee Schultz drowned at the age of 4, he wanted to do something to prevent another family from experiencing such a devastating loss. Five years ago ...

What’s the Buzz? 14,000 Cloth Masks and Counting …

Eau Claire-based effort unites hundreds around sewing

author & photographer by Justine  Childs

A honeybee colony can be thought of as a single organism, and, if you listen very carefully, you can hear a low humming sound in the Chippewa Valley. It is the sound of hundreds of sewing machines, from farmhouses to family homes to city ...

A Prom for Special Teens

first-time event designed for high school students with special needs

Justine  Childs

Prom goes as far back as 1894 and has become a right of passage for high schoolers everywhere. It’s a chance to develop social skills, to wear beautiful dresses and suits, to get hair and nails done ...

Witness the Fitness

third annual expo will promote fit lifestyles

Justine  Childs

The small yet mighty powerhouse behind the Sept. 21 FITNESS EXPO Eau Claire is Kim Larsen, a native of central Wisconsin. Working out has always been a part of Kim’s lifestyle, ...

The Right Steps for Winter

running during cold weather has benefits, but plenty of layers and a dedicated attitude are musts

Justine  Childs, photos by Max Childs

The alarm goes off while it’s still dark. I stumble out of bed still foggy from the dream I was having and reach for the pile on my dresser I prepared the night before: fleece-lined leggings, two shirts, two pairs of socks, jacket, hat, gloves, shoes. It’s 6am and I am going running. In the winter ...

Microgreens With Macro Potential

local chiropractor raises tiny, nutritious plants

Justine  Childs

When my friend Dr. Dan Czedlatdko told me he was growing microgreens I had one thought: What the heck are microgreens? While in Arizona early this year, Dr. Dan came across microgreens. Upon exploring further, he discovered that a study done ...

The Making of a Dress Designer

catching up with Linyage to talk heirlooms, brides, and trends

Justine  Childs

Lindsay Ulness grew up in Eau Claire and loved drawing since she could remember. In fifth grade her class sewed teddy bears and she fell in love. She asked for a sewing machine for her 12th birthday and started creating ...

Chopper Charm

EC native spins a tale of airborne adventure in India

Justine  Childs

Rifle fire. Disease. Toxic moonshine. Lava-spiced curry. Homicidal drivers. Jungle-dwelling rebels. It sounds like the latest action movie starring the latest action hero. But the action hero is Mike Sobotta ...

Giving Veterans a Lift – Literally and Figuratively

nonprofit that helps combat-wounded vets get fit could use a local chapter

Justine  Childs

’Tis the season. For cookies and carols. For decking the halls and wrapping presents. For school programs and family gatherings. For many it is also the season for giving, the season for charity ...

Get a Clue: Escape room fanatics build one of their own

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I grew up reading Nancy Drew books and was completely enchanted by the captivating world of mystery, friendship, and problem-solving. Walking into Escape EC’s room called “The Professor” takes me back to those Nancy Drew mysteries ...

Festival Prep Done Right

local shop hosts Back Alley Pop.Up for festivalgoers

Justine  Childs

The Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival is almost upon us and if only there was one magical location where one could get their face painted, pick up a lace crop top, grab a lemonade, and get a temporary tattoo… Oh wait! ...

Three Decades at the Wheel

potter Caradori focuses on quality, not fame

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

‘Where can you buy something for $3 that someone made?” David Caradori asks incredulously. “It’s good business sense to have something for everyone.”

Lucid Dreams

despite setbacks, young apparel designer sets his sights on the future

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

So I hear about this story pitch for a young man named Michael and his apparel business called Lucid Life Apparel, I get excited to be doing this story on Michael and his business ...

Positive Spin: 11-year-old spreads cheer with yo-yo wizardry

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

To say that Levi White is an energetic, enthusiastic, inspiring, and all-around cool kid would be a gross understatement. Meeting Levi, his mother, and his cousin (who was along for the ride) put a smile ...

Expressing Feelings Without Words: art therapy helps children express inner turmoil

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

One of my favorite activities with my granddaughter is when we “do art.” We bring out the huge tub of glue, glitter, construction paper, googly eyeballs, pom-poms, markers, pencils, crayons, coloring books, stickers, pipe cleaners, and beads and just create. The creations don’t have to make sense – and they usually don’t ...

Lace up for the Eau Claire Marathon

annual running extravaganza benefits dozes of charities

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On May 1, more than 3,000 runners will take to the streets for the eighth annual Eau Claire Marathon. It has been three years since marathon organizers ...

Supper Club Science

meal with UW-Madison profs explores culinary culture

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A brandy old fashioned sweet, a prime rib the size of the plate it’s served on, a buttery baked potato, and let’s not forget the relish tray. Ah, the supper club: an establishment that’s usually family-operated and only open for supper ...

A Taste of the Old Country

immigrant uses family recipe to bake delicious Finnish pierogies

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Let’s play two truths and a lie. The first known use of the word “pierogie” was in 1811, although 17th century cookbooks described the pierogie as a staple of the Polish diet. Finnish pierogies are sweet ...

Brewery Takes Off

K-Point getting own space inside Coffee Grounds

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There comes a point in ski jumping when the hill changes and it’s time to leap, where risk becomes reward and the fun begins. K-Point Brewing is at that point, too. And after speaking to Lon Blaser and Tom Breneman, it becomes clear how the two men came up with the name for their new brewery located inside Coffee Grounds ...

Let Mother Nature Cure Your Sniffles

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The season of sniffling, sneezing, and snot is upon us. With more awareness and attention being brought to the natural healing “trend,” what alternatives do parents who want to avoid chemicals in common cold medications have for soothing colds at home?

Painting the Vikings' All-Stars

UW-Stout grad’s works will grace the Vikes’ new stadium

Justine  Childs

Leslie Barlow is a graduate of UW-Stout who currently resides in Minnesota. Leslie is one of 34 artists chosen to create six paintings of former Minnesota Vikings stars to be hung on display in the new Minnesota Vikings US Bank stadium, which is expected to open for the 2016 football season and to host ...


pursuing your moviemaking dreams one view at a time

Justine  Childs

Former local Justin Johnson has been making short films and viral videos for the past 15 years. A graduate of Memorial High School, he now calls Los Angeles home. Justin will be screening his brand new documentary Double Digits: The Story of A Neighborhood Movie Star at Eau Claire’s Downtown Cinema on Friday, Nov. 20, at 7pm and 9pm ...

Home Goods, Hometown

EC native returns to roots with chic home goods store

Justine  Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Fresh exterior paint and newspaper-covered windows mark the birth of a new store at the corner of Dewey and Wisconsin streets, right up the block from the Volume One World Headquarters ...