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Downtown Eau Claire's Heirloom Wedding Dressmakers

besties’ business specializes in vintage-y wedding dresses

Jessica Amaris, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Kleinfeld’s doesn’t have a thing on them. Not only are you guaranteed to “say yes to the dress” with local dress-makers Linyage, but on your special day, you will be a piece of masterminded art. As you walk into the design studio that looks like your Pinterest boards, and are welcomed by a cow-hide rug named Bernie, two of the sweetest people you’ve ever met, and a comforting pink couch that makes you feel like a Victorian bride, you’re guaranteed the ultimate experience with Linyage. ...

Psychic Fair

Psychic and Wellness Fair offers alternative approaches

Jessica Amaris

If you’re an avid watcher of Long Island Medium or just looking to expand your spiritual horizons, Angel Care Healing Touch, with the help of Maple House Arts, is hosting the annual spring Psychic and Wellness Fair on April 25. The event is free ...

Group Mind

locals regularly meditate together

Jessica Amaris

Sometimes the best way to escape the chaos in your mind is to get inside your head. For more than 10 years, the Eau Claire Buddhist Sangha, a local meditation group, has been inviting community members to join in their free meditation class, held ...

Her Holistic Way of Healing

a certified ophthalmologist gets meditative to nourish the spirit

Jessica Amaris, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If someone had told me a few weeks ago they could ease my stress and muscle pain by playing a Tibetan singing bowl, I would’ve called them crazy straight to their face. Fortunately for me, ophthalmologist, reiki master, and yoga teacher ...

Scorching Dance

Torch Sisters bring all-new kind of performance to local audiences

Jessica Amaris

Eau Claire has seen its fair share of impressive talent but with their blazing hula hooping, acroyoga, aerial, fire, and dance skills combined, The Torch Sisters are bringing a new show to the stage that could very well be ...

Empowering Young Women

Chippewa Falls YMCA class aims to boost health practices and banish dieting and bad habits for young women

Jessica Amaris

In a nation that makes the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show about as big as the oscars, it’s no surprise we find young girls going to the extremes to be the next Gisele Bundchen and anxiously Googling the fastest ways to lose weight...