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Tracing the Trend

Is foreign adoption just a celebrity trend, or a decision with practical advantages?

Claudia Lozano, photos by Jen Schultz

Advantages to adopting from abroad include fewer restrictions and costs and more avaliability.

Take Our Word for It

local parents share their adoption experiences

Claudia Lozano, photos by Jen Schultz

“We had this helpless feeling, because you are in someone else’s hands, but you have to remember to look at the bigger picture, and it’s amazing how that (feeling) falls away once you have that child in your life.”

FEATURE: Local Adoption

a local church is organizing an orphanage and facilitating adoption in Ethiopia

Claudia Lozano, photos by Jen Schultz

“I knew it was one of the things that I was created to do. Of course (it) doesn’t mean there weren’t hard days in the process.” – Nikki Ness, on adopting her children

Leaping Leafers!

how to have fun with the foliage

V1 Staff, photos by Jen Schultz

19th Annual Bridge to Wonderland Parade

photos by Jen Schultz

"Christmas on the Farm" was the theme for the 19th Annual Bridge to Wonderland Parade in Downtown Chippewa Falls, held on Dec. 6.

Kid Tip | Nov. 20, 2008

Mike Paulus, photos by Jen Schultz

Every Friday, 10:30-11:30am, the YMCA’s Indoor Sports Center hosts an open ...