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5 of Wisconsin's Spookiest Places

Erica Quinnies

Whether you’re a believer or not, Wisconsin’s towns are filled with some frightening ghost stories. The following paragraphs detail some of the of terrifying and strange experiences within our statewide phantom world.

Former local creates Time Magazine cover

Erica Quinnies

Jason Seiler, who graduated from Memorial High School in 1996, is a Chicago-based professional illustrator working for publications and magazines across the country. This month, Seiler received news that his portrait of Pope Francis – which took ...

Wisconsin's craft distillery scene

Erica Quinnies

Wisconsin is home to a number of distilleries producing a variety of interesting spirits. Since 2006, the state seems to have taken strides a relatively new trend for Wisconsin culture – offering unique, high quality beverages focused on small ...

5th Annual ‘Hometown Caroling’ is comin’ to town

Erica Quinnies

Hometown Caroling, an event hosting local Christmas caroling at various locations, looks forward to once again spread some vocal cheer during its 5th annual celebration. This season’s caroling will take place at numerous community locales on ...

Outdoor skating rinks to open early this year

Erica Quinnies

Because of the “fantastic” winter weather we’ve experienced quite early this season, Eau Claire Parks & Recreation has announced that two of its six outdoor skating rinks will open this Friday, December 13. If you’re looking for a great way to ...

One of UW-Stout's best courses involves Kermit

Erica Quinnies

The Jim Henson Company, most famous for creating characters from shows such as The Muppets and Sesame Street (duh), will be sharing some its art design knowhow with 22 UW-Stout students this winterim semester. The class will include students ...

Fiction and Poetry Writers Needed for Wisconsin Contest

Erica Quinnies

Wisconsin People & Ideas, our state’s non-profit cultural magazine, brings together writers from as far as Lake Michigan to The Cities in a contest that publishes selected poems and pieces of fiction. Winners not only enjoy the opportunity ...

How can cheese help de-ice Wisconsin roads?

Erica Quinnies

Cheese brine – everyone's favorite liquid cheese-making byproduct – will now be used to make many Wisconsin’s roads a little less slippery – although also a little stinkier – this season. With the prevalence of vehicular accidents that occurs ...

UWEC recognized for biker-friendliness

Erica Quinnies

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, only one of 75 universities in the US to receive a Bicycle Friendly University distinction, was designated a bronze award as a biker-friendly university by the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly ...

Wisconsin's First "Thanksgiving"

Erica Quinnies

"A man's got to eat and it can't always be steak" is pretty accurate for the story of Wisconsin's voyagers who followed shortly after explorer Jean Nicolet. According to whoonew.com, Pierre-Espirit Radisson and brother-in-law Médard Chouart des ...

Valley Roots, Southern Rock

ex-local musician John Cranford fronts South Carolina band

Erica Quinnies

Former Chippewa Vallian John Cranford has done it again, this time blending his guitar skills with Southern rock and fiddle music in his band’s version of American rock ’n’ roll. Although previously known as Cranford & Sons, this South ...

Sky high hair: UW-Stout snags fashion show award

Erica Quinnies, photos by UW-Stout News 

A collaboration between interior design students and an apparel student allowed UW-Stout to take home some hardware at Minneapolis’s annual Fusion + Fashion Show –  first place in makeup and hair.

Menomonie’s thinking 'on the box'

Erica Quinnies

KIND, an organization that sponsors projects doing good for communities around the nation, offers a monthly award to creative ideas – they give $10,000 to each month’s most popular project, decided by open voting on their website ...

TED calls on UW-Stout Professors

Erica Quinnies

Famous for its TED Talks video series, TED is a non-profit organization producing events built around sharing technology, entertainment and design – and soon TED will be featuring two UW-Stout professors. Kelly O’Brien, UW-Stout assistant ...

On Wisconsin! How something becomes a state symbol

Erica Quinnies

If Minnesota can get away with naming their state muffin the blueberry (yes, you read that right), perhaps Wisconsin could get away with more than naming its official state bird the American Robin. It just takes time and effort. And paperwork.

What does your personality have to do with America’s mood?

Erica Quinnies

You guys like the OCEAN? No, not serene beachside views of white-capped waves, but rather a way to measure a person or, in this case, an entire state’s relative personality. OCEAN refers to a spectrum of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion ...

10 More of the State’s Most Spine-Chilling Spots

Erica Quinnies

So your interest was piqued from our Five of the Spookiest Places in Wisconsin list? Or perhaps it wasn’t? Well, skeptic or not, JS Online tapped the Chippewa Valley’s favorite paranormal investigator – Chad Lewis – to pick Wisconsin’s 10 most ...

Michale Perry Broadcasts New Book of Essays

Erica Quinnies

From radio show host to nurse to firefighter and even to New York Times bestselling author, Michael Perry has done it all and kept busy. As a humorist, he hosts Tent Show Radio and as a musician he tours with his band, the Long Beds. Tent Show ...

Stout student’s heel healer wins national competition

Erica Quinnies

UW-Stout student, Ryan Enzler, took home the gold in this year’s “Thermoforming Division of a Society of Plastics Engineers” national competition, which is totally a real thing. Aside from his win, five other UW-Stout students placed in ...

Eau Claire Parks now part of the 1%

Erica Quinnies

Eau Claire Parks, being one of two Wisconsin agencies to receive accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA), received national recognition for meeting 144 diverse requirements. These standards ...

Do you believe in the Hodag?

Erica Quinnies

Known for its dragon-esque physique, a whiplike tail, razor sharp claws, and ridiculously huge fangs, the Hodag is also known as one of Wisconsin’s most notorious “monsters.” The Hodag is said to reside in Northeastern, Wisconsin near the ...

Wooden Delivery

zombie-themed woodblock art samples via Drive by Press

Erica Quinnies

Just in time for Halloween, The Raw Deal in Menomonie will be hosting a live woodblock printing of zombie wearable art in the hope of spreading the season’s spirit with the help ...

The Importance of Being at the Mabel Tainter this Week

Erica Quinnies

In addition to celebrating its 54th season, The Menomonie Theater Guild will be producing the well-known Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being Earnest, on Oct. 11-12 and 18-19 ...

Damned Good Print Show Rockin' at UW-Stout

Erica Quinnies

Rock ’n’ roll may be damned, but judging by a UW-Stout print show influenced by 1970s and ’80s album art, it will never die. With the skills of 21 artists from across the nation, many ...

4 of Wisconsin’s Hiking Wonderlands

Erica Quinnies

Trying to make the most out of this season’s weather and fall colors? Perhaps an afternoon of hiking could provide you with the lungfuls of crisp air you so desire. Consider the following hiking wonderlands identified by Travel Wisconsin as the ...

Appletastic Times

Erica Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Okay, so Apple’s recent release of the newest iPhone has stirred up quite a bit of news, but let’s not dismiss the remarkable and vast production of our “other” favorite apple this fall – the edible one. Although July and early August were ...

Chippewa Valley Museum to be granted $150,000

Erica Quinnies

It all began back in 2012, when The Chippewa Valley Museum partnered with local government efforts and created The Good Life: A Cultural Direction for Eau Claire County when the city ...

Oh deer! Wild deer no longer allowed as pets

Erica Quinnies

“Capturing wild animals is illegal in Wisconsin,” states the Associated Press in a recent article “Since when?” you might ask. Are “deer pets” really a thing?

5 ways to get your cran on

Erica Quinnies

Beer? Cheese? Sausage and kraut? Nope. Cranberries and lots of them. In case you didn’t get the memo, Wisconsin is the nation’s largest producer of cranberries. (See more from Wistorial Facts You Probably Didn’t Know.) And we should be honored ...