Best Place for Cocktails

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Beer and wine are fine, but if you’re looking for more complex alcohol-fused creations, these three Eau Claire establishments should be on your radar. For the third year in a row, readers concluded that The Lakely (at the Oxbow Hotel, 516 Galloway St.) is the Valley’s Best Place for Cocktails. In addition to standbys such as The Great Grampa, the ever-changing drink menu also features new takes on classics as well as brand-new mixological masterpieces. Dive (at the Lismore Hotel, 333 Gibson St.) is always making a splash with standbys such as the Agave Maria and the Old Fashioned as well as creative specials. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery (3460 Mall Drive) stands out from the pack for crafting cocktails from its own spirits, such as the palate-warming Summer Heat. – Tom Giffey