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EMPOWERED & POWERFUL: Authentic Core Pilates Moves to Mall Drive

local Pilates studio moving in more ways than one

McKenna Scherer, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

NEW SPACE, NEW CHAPTER. Authentic Core Pilates has relocated into a space triple the size of its original home in The 1106, now offering more kinds of classes and, in the future, more services.
NEW SPACE, NEW CHAPTER. Authentic Core Pilates has relocated into a space triple the size of its original home in The 1106, now offering more kinds of classes and, in the future, more services.

Get ready to fall in love – not with another person (sorry!), but with a new space to get your body movin’ and groovin’. Authentic Core Pilates first opened its doors in The 1106 – formerly known as Artisan Forge Studios – in Eau Claire back in 2021 and just recently made the move to Mall Drive, more than tripling in size and now offering more services.

Andrea Meidl, owner of Authentic Core Pilates, moved to the Chippewa Valley thanks to worldwide changes in 2020, wanting to be closer to one of her children. Her son happened to work for Artisan Forge Metalworks and knew of a space inside The 1106 available to lease. “My son told me, ‘Mom, there’s a space, you need it.’ Then (the business) took off,” Meidl recalled.

The 740-square-foot space was a great launching pad for the Pilates biz, it was time to move into a larger space. While The 1106 expects to revamp and begin construction on new spaces, Meidl was ready to start Authentic Core’s next phase.

“I was ready to go and this space became available, so I jumped on it,” she said. “I had just 740 square feet before and now I have 2,400 square feet, and it’s just gorgeous.”

Owner Andrea Meidl.
Owner Andrea Meidl.

The new studio is at 2734 Mall Drive, Eau Claire, and with the major upgrade in space there are now six  “reformers” (traditional pieces of Pilates equipment), a private room with a reformer and trapeze table for private classes, and the ability to offer more courses. New additions include a tower class – the “tower” is an attachment on the reformer machine that allows for more movements during practice – and mat Pilates for groundwork.

Authentic Core Pilates also offers TRX Pilates – a suspension training system – as well as Wunda chairs, ladder barrels, bosu balls, bands, and more, to continue switching things up and keeping you moving.

Meidl has more than five years of Pilates experience and completed 500 hours of training to begin teaching years ago, as well as a 25-year background as a massage therapist. She plans to bring massage practice into the studio, thanks to much-needed space now offered in the new location. She has been an aesthetician for 15 years as well and is currently applying for an aesthetic establishment license which will allow her to open up a skincare room as part of the biz too.

“My goal and tagline here is to ‘feel fabulous inside and out,' " Medile said.




Although there aren’t many Pilates studios in Eau Claire among the abundance of gyms and recent growth in yoga studios, the community that has been fostered at Authentic Core has been the most beautiful result of all, Meidl said.

“I have been very fortunate and blessed to land in Eau Claire because there’s not a lot of Pilates here, and to see people build a community around it, it’s been heartwarming,” she said. “It’s a nonjudgmental zone and everybody cheers for each other, inspires each other, and many have built friendships. It’s really cool to see.”

Meidl, who is trained in traditional Pilates and enjoys modern elements, described Pilates as a full physical, mental, and spiritual kind of exercise experience. With a focus on strengthening the core, Pilates works on smaller muscle groups that support the larger muscle groups, ultimately making daily movements less strenuous.

“What I tell people who are struggling with exercise and haven’t found out what makes them excited to work out – it’s a challenge! – is (Pilates) can be that,” Meidl explained. “It’s something anybody can start with either on the mat and floor or on the reformer. It’s a process and a commitment, but the positive changes that you see in your body and mentality encourage you.”

Take a dip into the world of Authentic Core Pilates at their new location and grow with the local biz in their newest chapter.

Find information on signing up for classes and more on the Authentic Core Pilates website. Keep up with the local Pilates studio on Facebook.