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UW-Stout Grad Releases Graphic-Memoir Depicting First Year of Sobriety

Lydia 'Nibs' Noble releases '365 Lessons: A Year in Early Recovery' to shine a light on recovery, dedicated to their cousin

Sawyer Hoff |

LOTS OF LESSONS. Stout grad and comic creator, Lydia
LOTS OF LESSONS. Stout grad and comic creator, Lydia "Nibs" Noble, released their first ever graphic memoir about their first year of sobriety. (Submitted Photos)

After completing their first year of sobriety from alcohol, UW-Stout graduate Lydia “Nibs” Noble (she/they) has released their first graphic memoir about their experience in recovery, titled 365 Lessons: A Year in Early Recovery.

The novel is filled with not only short stories from Nibs' personal experiences during that vital first year but also from the experiences of those in recovery with them in their outpatient program. She also included informational comics within the book about the harms of Fentanyl, PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), as well as Alcohol Use Disorder.

“I wrote those at the very end just because I felt like when people read my book, I don't want them to get sick of hearing my story,” Nibs said. “I want them to be able to learn something that's not about me; I want them to learn something that's real and factual.”

Comic titled
This full comic titled, "The Facts About Fentanyl," can be found in the novel.

When Nibs initially entered the outpatient program for alcoholism in January of 2022, they knew they wanted to document their journey. Specializing in comics, Nibs knew that was the avenue to go down. It wasn’t until they started to collect these different short stories – always asking permission from each individual – and piecing together the comics that they realized they wanted to combine them into a novel. 

“I wasn't in the mood to write comics all of the time but it had to be kind of the perfect match," Nibs said. "Someone saying something that I thought was interesting (and giving) me a vision of what that could look like on paper, and the vision exciting enough for me to want to put pen to paper."

Another key reason Nibs decided to craft the novel was to bring awareness and education about the Fentanyl crisis as well, since their cousin, Delaney, died of an accidental Fentanyl overdose in October of 2021. Nibs explores their grief and love for Delaney in many sections of the book, most notably the section titled, “Catalyst.” 365 Lessons: A Year in Early Recovery is dedicated to Delaney. 

“(The) whole point, in a way, of this piece is that drugs, pills, cocaine, injectables, they’re not safe,” Nibs said. “Kids are dying of Fentanyl every day … kids are naive. Their brains aren’t fully developed yet and they’re still growing. They think they’re invincible; I mean, I thought I was invincible until I was 29 years old.”

Nibs is working with the Douglas County Drug Prevention Coalition and Vivent Health to host an official book release event on July 27 at the Superior Public Library (1530 Tower Ave., Superior). The event will include a Q&A with Nibs, a book signing, refreshments, and a chance to learn more about the opioid and Fentanyl crisis.

You can purchase a copy of 365 Lessons: A Year in Early Recovery at or from The Local Store.