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New Bike Boutique is Here to Spice Up Your Ride

Compass Bike Lab caters custom bikes and community for experienced riders

Kelly Carlson, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

STEERING YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Compass Bike Lab is the latest bike shop on the Chippewa Valley scene.
STEERING YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Compass Bike Lab is the latest bike shop on the Chippewa Valley scene.

In a city with great views, trails, and a passion for cycling, Adrian Ong’s new business, Compass Bike Lab, targets those looking to take the hobby just a little bit further. Sourcing frames and parts from various manufacturers, Ong leads his customers down a path that fits their style, body, and comfort levels in any cycling setting.

“We are all unique individuals; no one is the same,” he explained. “And because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all bike.” Targeting more experienced riders who know what adjustments they’re looking for, Compass Bike Lab is able to create a unique bike for city cruisers and fat bike racers. “It’s more about the complete experience of building something,” he said. “You choose the part, we’ll put it together … and give advice on what works for you.”

Coach of a local youth cycling group with experience biking since he was 12, Ong is bringing his passions to the Valley's biking community in full swing. Partnering with Compass Real Estate, the Bike Lab is located in the back of their building, around the corner of door 4, right off of Brackett Avenue in Eau Claire.

Owner Adrian Ong pictured.
Owner Adrian Ong.

“The chain and gear in the logo represent our ties to cycling, and the Wisconsin pine trees in the Compass logo is us paying homage to our location,” he explained. “When you’re riding your bike, you’re looking at things, you’re exploring. The amount of beauty we have 30 minutes from our doors is amazing.”

With a soft opening earlier this year, Compass Bike Lab is continuing to grow. With future plans of using the space to host bicycle clinics on how to maintain and learn more about your bike, and even watch parties featuring races and other cycling events. “I’m really excited to be part of the community and to host group rides and socialize,” Ong said.

“It’s a healthy sport that’s low impact, and it’s a lifelong sport,” Ong explained. “When we host group rides, my clients range from college age to the oldest being 78 years old.” Hoping to create high-end bikes and build relationships with the local cycling scene, Compass Bike Lab’s fixed hours begin on April 1. Open Sunday 1-5pm, Monday and Wednesday 4-7pm, plus additional hours upon request, Ong invites all to take to the trails with more comfort and relaxation than ever before.

“I hope that Compass Bike Lab brings more people to cycling,” he said. “I hope to get more butts on bikes.”

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