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HUNT FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Winter Medallion Hunt Begins Dec. 17

daily hints will lead to Clearwater Clues medallion – and $500 in prizes

Luc Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

A winter medallion hunt is a tradition in some cities; now we’ll get a chance to go on such a hunt in Eau Claire. The Clearwater Clues Medallion Hunt, in collaboration with Visit Eau Claire, runs from Saturday, Dec. 17, through Friday, Dec. 23 – or sooner if someone finds the medallion.

According to organizer Andy Brown – who helped initiate 2020’s EC COVID Clues MA_RA_TH_ON – new clue stanzas will be released daily at 1pm on the hunt’s Facebook page. Each clue stanza will guide followers to a historically- or locally-relevant public location, as well as a new clue to guide people to the medallion’s hiding place.

Brown notes that those taking part should stay on public grounds while finding the locations and clues; going through private property is not permitted. He also advises people to dress warmly during the onset of below-average temperatures in the forecast during the days of the hunt.

The prize for being first to the medallion is a “Frosty’s Fannypack” with more than $500 of Chippewa Valley business gift cards included. Bundle up, learn about Eau Claire, and see if you can find a civic present just in time for Christmas.