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Mini Markets Still Capture All That Good, Spiritual Energy

The Broom and Crow’s ‘Witchy Market’ series manifests magickal moments and mystery

Kelly Carlson |

GRAB YOUR CAULDRON. Broom and Crow is celebrating fall with its mini-market. (Photos via Facebook)

Tucked away on the northwest side of Eau Claire, Broom and Crow have been brewing up something extra special to say farewell to summer and to kick off fall. With the sweetest herbs, candles, and messages inside hundreds of spiritual-learning books, there’s no doubt you’ll find something for yourself here. Coming together for one last Summer Mini Market, the magick within you awaits. 

Broom and Crow isn’t just your average shop. Tabatha Voss, owner, emphasizes instead a ritualistic and spiritual atmosphere for soul-searching. “My big focus … (is) to create a community space for pagans, witches, and other magickal folks to meet up and learn from each other,” Voss said. Of course, all are welcome to learn about the intimate details of the supernatural and how it can help people appreciate and grow in their everyday lives. 

Hosting events since 2019, Voss has been working to re-create a larger celebration space for all things witchy. This final summer “mini” market will feature a handful of local vendors showing off their handmade trinkets — yes, everything featured will be handmade with extra loving care — on Saturday, Sept. 17, from noon-4pm. Look out for jewelry, tarot, crystals, and more.

Kicking off larger events, on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 10am-4pm, catch face-paintings, Halloween extravaganzas, and a food truck from the Twin Cities area amongst all that fun local energy. 

“There is always lots to explore,” Voss said. “Seeing folks’ faces light up when they walk in is some of my favorite energy.”

This shop and upcoming events are opportunities for you to clear your mind and your heart, and to do so with the support of a great community. 

Join in the celebrations this fall and get in touch with your inner energetic alignment at Broom and Crow, 1726 N. Clairemont Ave. Learn more about this event and more weekly classes at