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YOUR BREAST HEALTH YET: Local Writer Releases Book about Breast Health

Joy Sobotta’s new book, dedicated to sister who died of breast cancer, aims to educate people

Sawyer Hoff |

FEEL YOUR BREAST. Joy Sobotta's new book is aimed to help people learn more about their breast health. (Photos via Facebook)

Breast health is extremely important, and understanding how your breasts work health-wise can help you prevent or even catch early signs of cancer. Joy Sobotta, a Certified Reflexologist and Certified Aromatherapist, wrote her new book Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality to help inform everyone with breasts on how to care for them.

The book includes nine chapters that go over preserving healthy breasts, the lymphatic system, nutrition and digestion, essential oils, understanding emotions, environmental factors, integrated therapies, self-care, and finding your sparkle.

Sobotta is the founder and creator of Healthy Girls® Breast Oil, an oil that stimulates the immune system, softens breast tissue, and helps to decrease pain and tenderness, while it nurtures and protects breast tissue. She is also the creator of the Lady Lymph™ poster, an educational poster depicting the lymphatic system in the body.

This book is dedicated to her late sister Theresa, who passed away from metastasized breast cancer. Joyce believes Theresa’s guidance had brought people into her life when she was ready to move to the next step.

You can purchase Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality online on Amazon, or in person at The Local Store and Tangled Up in Hue.

To learn more about Sobotta’s work and breast oil, you can go to