Staff Notes

STAFF NOTE: Volume One Adds a Permanent New Kids & Family Section

section features content on local family activities, attractions, schools, parenting, and more

Nick Meyer |

We’re happy to report since we re-designed, re-focused, and re-launched Volume One just – both in print and online – over a year ago, that readership and interest has surged as the community emerges from the pandemic. In particular, print copies of Volume One are in demand on newsstands now more than ever. As we’ve mentioned, to help meet this interest, we’ve returned to our two-week print publication schedule, while daily publication continues online at

    Along with the increased schedule, we’re now choosing to enhance V1’s editorial content further by launching a new, permanent “Kids” section inside each issue of Volume One. The section will feature content on local family activities, attractions, schools, educational programming, parenting, and more. This means instead of producing our stand-alone Chippewa Valley Family publication six times per year, that there will instead be more robust kid- and family-specific content in the majority of Volume One’s 26 issues each year, as well as online at, and in our existing family-specific email list and social media channels. 

    This change will make our family content more timely and relevant, as well as elevate it – along with related sponsors and advertisers – to more people than ever before. Plus, all the best recurring features of Chippewa Valley Family will now be incorporated into Volume One’s annual calendar of community coverage. 

    This is great for families – parents, grandparents, and caregivers of all kinds – but it also offers a number of dynamic partnership opportunities for local organizations interested in the family-focused market of the Chippewa Valley. If you’d like to learn more about any of these partnership or advertising opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at or call (715) 552-0457.