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STAFF NOTE: Are You Planning a Wedding? Check Out Our Weddings & Occasions Guide

annual guide to florists, caterers, and more coming Jan. 27

Rebecca Mennecke

If my social media feed is any indication, there are going to be a lot of weddings in 2022 and 2023. Every other day brings about a new engagement announcement – sparkly ring and all. And while putting a ring on it is exciting and all, there’s a part of me that wants to shout, “Y’all have no idea what you’re getting yourselves into!” (I mean, does anyone, really? Marriage comes with its highs and lows, after all.) But seriously: when it comes to planning a whole freakin’ wedding, we’d rather leave it to the experts. 

There are so many things to worry about: the guest list, invites, dress, tux rentals, cake, catering, flowers – sometimes it seems like a lot just to end up saying, “I do.” And they lived happily ever after. The end. 

That’s where Volume One’s Weddings & Occasions section comes in clutch, with every Chippewa Valley wedding resource known to humankind to help make your wedding day seamless, stressless, and flawless. The best part about? It’s also a pull-out guide, meaning you can keep that bad boy hanging around for whenever you need to start getting down to business, making those calls, and penciling in those plans. 

But for now, take a deep breath. And check out our annual guide both in print and online at

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