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The Latest Volume One Staff & Hiring News

saying hello to some new folks at the magazine (and goodbye to an old friend)

Nick Meyer

With this new new year comes new news about new staff and new hiring at Volume One. So now, straight to the news:

First up is that we’re actively hiring right now on our business-side team in an Adverting Sales & Media Strategist role, working with local organizations on digital marketing, print, social media, live events, video production and all sorts of meaningful community programs. This particular seat is open for the first time in 11 years as our team member Chase Kunkel is taking a role that allows him to spend more time in the Twin Cities area for personal reasons. We’re bummed to see him go but are excited for who may be next! Learn more about the opportunity at

Next is a fun update that we’ve hired two new part-time editor/writers to join our team. Both are active contributors in recent years, but whose names you’ll be seeing a lot more of going forward.  These include Parker Reed, an active local journalist and musician, and Sawyer Hoff, a local writer and recent graduate of UW-Eau Claire. We’re excited to get them in the mix so their talents can help keep fresh local content coming at you in every issue, and online every day at 

And finally, there are two positions we’ve had on people’s radars for quite a while (sorry for the wait!) and we’re finally getting closer to accepting applications. One will be an exciting Community Engagement Director role and the other a sophisticated new Marketing Director position. Both will be new positions and both have garnered considerable interest over the last several months at That’s where you can get on the email list for details, which we hope to post in the next several weeks. So stay tuned!

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