Addy Serum and Zach Pecha met in their junior year at North High School in Eau Claire, and immediately found their common love – for each other, yes, but also for taking care of the planet.

“The main goal is to get more people thinking about sustainability. Weíre using coffee as the vehicle to drive sustainability.” –Zach Pecha, co-owner

Hikers Brew Coffee is one of few companies in the Chippewa Valley that is part of the 1% For the Planet organization, as they donate 1% of their total revenue to environmental nonprofits. The coffee company is also climate-neutral certified, as they offset their total carbon produced by putting money toward planting trees or other green initiatives. For every online order, they donate a portion of their proceeds to plant a tree.

The six main flavors they offer include Mile Marker (a smooth, well-balanced medium roast), Van Life (a vanilla, Columbian-blend, medium roast), Red Rocks (a caramel, Columbian-blend, medium roast), Yurt Dirt (a robust Guatemalan-blend, dark roast), Some Mores ( a chocolatey, roasted marshmallow Columbian-blend medium roast), and Hazy Hiker (a chocolatey hazelnut Columbian-blend medium roast).


The shelf life of Hikers Brew coffee is about 6-8 months as a result of the sustainable packaging, so they roast their coffee by the order so everything is as fresh as possible.

Find Hikers Brew online at or at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire.

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