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Who Says a Former Tire Company Can’t Have Cool Murals? Banbury Place Gets Paint Refresh

local muralist Jaden Flores touched up historic murals on Banbury Place in Eau Claire, making the art pop

Rebecca Mennecke |

 Did you know that Banbury Place in Eau Claire was once a Gillette Tire Plant? In 1917, that is! That’s what the building was known as before it became a U.S. Rubber factory, then a Uniroyal factory – and ultimately Banbury Place.

Recently, local artist Jaden Flores sought to bring more vibrant attention to the original artwork on the building’s north-facing exterior walls, paying homage to its history in the rubber biz. “Definitely was a rewarding experience to do that job,” Flores said. Next year, he hopes to paint the International Harvester building at the other end of the facility. Check out more about the project at, and check out more pictures below.

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