Get Rolling to This Eggroll Biz That Is Truly *Chef’s Kiss*

Mama Muah! creates their eggrolls for one reason only: to give back to the community

Rebecca Mennecke |

Jack Moua and Shoua Vue call their eggrolls the "forever-giving eggrolls" and for good reason: They donate a portion of their proceeds to local organizations as a way to give back to their community.

But the beginning of their eggroll business isn’t quite so wholesome.

In 2018, the building that housed the family’s Hmong market (a business venture that made Eau Claire feel like home to the immigrant family from Laos) burned down. The following year, Moua’s father, Faiter, died unexpectedly – which crushed the family.

“Growing up, I didn’t really have people who were there to help me, or if they did help me, they expected something in return,” Vue said. “Until I met (Moua’s) dad. And his dad truly showed me what it meant to be a good person.”

As the pandemic forced many businesses to close, it inspired the pair to open a new business: Mama Muah, with the goal of carrying on their father’s legacy.

“Your community is your family,” Moua said. “They’re the first ones (to pick) you up when you need help. ... So if you’re not helping or supporting your community, nobody is going to want to come help or support you.”

Check out Mama Muah!’s eggrolls, using a family recipe, at, or order their eggrolls as an appetizer option at Girolamo’s Court’n House Bar & Grill in Eau Claire.