Breakfast in the Nineties

After the scrambled eggs and bacon
fried crisp, she tells you she is happy –

This is my home, she tells you,
I have no other.

After the cinnamon toast and creme
butter, your hand caresses her
straight brown hair.

You tell her how you dream, some nights,
of a lover who holds her in his arms
as he kisses and kisses again
the warm skin of her face.

She smiles, pours cold apple juice
into one glass with two straws.


Supper in the Sixties

a life of wind,
a rain of words

crossed hands,
a flurry of blur –

mother shook
a white tablecloth

of weather
before setting dinner

before her
hungry family



Tim J. Brennan is a UW-Eau Claire grad and Altoona resident. His poetry can be found in Up North, Barstow & Grand, Talking Stick and Bright Light – Stories in the Night. Brennan’s one-act plays have been performed across the USA. For more by and about Tim, visit his author page at



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