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Visual Art

Get a Head Start on Art: 2021 Sculpture Tour EC on Display

downtown Eau Claire bustled with activity this past week, installing 36 new sculptures – with three more on the way

author & photographer by Rebecca Mennecke |

TAKE A TOUR – A SCULPTURE TOUR. Thirty-six new sculptures were installed this past week in downtown Eau Claire, starting a new season of the annual Eau Claire Sculpture Tour. 

On May 19 the 11th annual Sculpture Tour Eau Claire was installed. Fifty-five sculptures (39 of them new!) are part of the annual outdoor public art exhibit, which encourages locals to get outside and interact with public art – together. 

The installation comes at a pivotal time, as many look forward to life returning – mostly – to normal, allowing people to gather together, musicians to play, artists to create, and people to reconnect after months of separation. 

That's why art is important: connection.

Julie Pangallo


"That’s why art is important,” said Executive Director Julie Pangallo. “Connection.” 

Thirty-six of the 39 new sculptures are already up and ready for viewing, representing dozens of artists utilizing diverse media. Notable additions include “Persist” – located by the Pablo Center at the Confluence – and “Sunrise Serenade” – by Brent Douglas flowers, which is one of Pangallo’s favorites. “It’s just so happy,” she said. 

A PLAYFUL KIT. This new sculpture, titled
A PLAYFUL KIT. This new sculpture, titled "Kit Fox," is right outside Houligan's Steak & Seafood Pub in downtown Eau Claire.

You may also recognize the artist who created “Spinner Dolphin” – Dale Lewis, the artist behind the Scraposaurs “Eaurassic Park” exhibit outside Artisan Forge Studios, which was installed in early May. 

Check out all 55 sculptures – or take a peek at them online soon – and vote for your favorite for the People’s Choice Award by Dec. 31. Ballet boxes are located near each sculpture, or you can vote online at

TAKE A JOYRIDE. This sculpture, titled
TAKE A JOYRIDE. This sculpture, titled "Joyride," is located by South Barstow Street and Main Street.

“It’s like a giant Jenga puzzle,” Pangallo said of putting together the annual tour, “or like solving a Rubik’s cube.” 

This year’s Sculpture Tour is 100% supported by donations and sponsorships, Pangallo said. She anticipates the challenges of the past year to continue to impact the Sculpture Tour, because fewer people and businesses can afford to support the project. If you’re interested in sponsoring a sculpture, or chipping in to support the Sculpture Tour, visit

LOOKING UP. "Ascension," located in front of The Lismore hotel, right outside of ECDC coffee, encourages locals to look up – and forward.

For more information on Sculpture Tour, or to check out this year’s sculptures, go to