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Writer Predicts the Future in Forthcoming Sci-Fi Book

even before COVID-19, Jerry May had a deadly virus on his mind

Rebecca Mennecke |

Author Jerry May (right) and several of his books.
Author Jerry May (right) and several of his books.

You might call Chippewa Falls-Based Author Jerry may somewhat of a fortune teller. The local writer has penned three self-published titles: Killing Tommy, River of Sins, and a self-help guide for addressing alcohol and drug addiction: Overcoming Addiction. May began working on a sequel to Killing Tommy a few years ago, focusing on main character Tommy Bradshaw’s son, who travels the world only to pick up a deadly virus. May had no idea when he began writing this realistic sci-fi blend that the COVID-19 pandemic would hit the United States. Now working on two new titles – Homicide Anonymous and The Poison President – this dad relies on the one thing he knows he has skillfully mastered: being creative. “When you’re a writer, you just kind of go with it,” he said. “To me, writing is just something natural.” Pick up a copy of May’s books – and watch out for his upcoming titles – at The Local Store.