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Custer’s Cones Scoops Up Sweet Treats

Chippewa Falls ice cream shop opens for the summer on April 30

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

SCOOPS UP. Hunter Custer is ready to scoop at Custer's Cones.
SCOOPS UP. Owner Hunter Custer is ready to scoop up Chocolate Shoppe ice cream at Custer's Cones in Chippewa Falls.

Bright colors and snappy flavors are signature to Custer’s Cones, a new ice cream shop in Chippewa Falls. This sweet shop opened last summer and is revving up for the summer with its opening day on April 30. Custer’s Cones (17183 50th Ave.) features Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, with fan-favorite flavors such as Birthday Cake, Superman, and Munchie Madness. New to the shop is an ice cream trailer, which will serve dipped ice cream at local fairs and festivals, as well as other goodies, including chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolatey cashews, yogurt-covered pretzels, yogurt-covered peanuts, gummy bears, gummy worms, and chocolate meltaways. “We have a lot of opportunity with the trailer because it can pretty much go anywhere,” said owner Hunter Custer. Also unique to Custer’s Cones is their homemade waffle cones, which are made right at the store throughout the day. “The smell it puts off is really good,” Custer said. “And the taste of them is phenomenal.”

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