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Artisan Forge Unveils ‘Eaurassic Park,’ Gives Art New Life

Have you spotted dinosaurs roaming Eau Claire? Don't worry. It's part of a new art exhibit

Rebecca Mennecke |

THE NEW CHROME IS LOOKIN' FLY. Artist Dale Lewis with one of his Scraposaurs. (Photo via Facebook)

Have you seen the dinosaurs roaming around Eau Claire? While it’s not Jurassic Park, this new Artisan Forge Studios traveling exhibit – created by Minnesota-based artist Dale Lewis – is wittily called Eaurassic Park, and will be featured beginning May 1 as a part of opening celebrations of Creative Economy Month in Eau Claire. The exhibit is in collaboration with Visit Eau Claire and the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour.

“It’s going to be a blast,” said Greg Johnson, owner of Artisan Forge Studios, 1106 Mondovi Road.

It's going to be a blast.

It's a way to celebrate Eau Claire, the success of Artisan Forge Studios ... and bring one more cool element to Creative Economy Month.

Greg Johnson

Artisan forge studios

The exhibit features 16 dinosaurs, including a 6-foot-tall, 250-pound Tyrannosaurus rex. The Scraposaurs Traveling Exhibit comprises recycled metal and found objects.

Johnson warned the dinos are prone to escape – so you may find them roaming (or flying!) around Eau Claire. You read that right: flying. Starting May 1, you can see them in their exhibits in front of Artisan Forge Studios on Clairemont Avenue. “It’s a way to celebrate Eau Claire,” Johnson said, “the success of Artisan Forge Studios… and bring one more cool element to Creative Economy Month.”

In addition to the dinos, Artisan Forge Studios is in the midst of changing out their statues – and giving others a facelift. The iconic mask that usually sits out front of the studio is currently being redesigned by each artist in the studios. “The idea was that this face is going to take on the personality of who Artisan Forge Studios is,” Johnson said. “Everybody just makes it work.”

The kick-off event for Creative Economy Month, “The Artisan Forge Experience,” will run 10am to 4pm on Saturday, May 1. 

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Check out a sneak peek of the dinosaurs!

And see progress on mask painting at Artisan Forge Studios!